So, I have some really odd dreams.
BUT, at least I’ve never become infamous for doing weird shit in my dreams.

McGregor talked in his sleep. Not in quiet, barely comprehensible mumbles: while he slept, McGregor would essentially narrate his dreams at conversational volume. As a narrator of his (often terrifying) dreams…

…An LP of his dream diatribes – The Dream World Of Dion McGregor (He Talks In His Sleep) – was even released to minor acclaim by Decca Records in 1964. A book of the same name, containing the transcripts of a wider selection of McGregor’s dreams, and with illustrations by Edward Gorey, was also published in 1964.

You can even download this album from a quick Google Search.
There is also an additional track you can stream. It is weird.

But he’s not the only one who has done some weird shit sleeping. A guy called Ken Parks killed his mother in law in his sleep. Fucked up? Yes. And worst part of this story he is used Automatism as the excuse to get out of being sent to jail. And it worked. He got off scot free. Which raises some bigger questions. Who the fuck is this Scot Free character and why should we get his own saying? Turns out Scot was originally a local tax. And by something is scot free means it was exempt from that tax.

Oh, if you do a search for Ken Parks, turns out there is a movie by the same name which had some controversy tacked onto it.

The film depicts controversial topics such as sexuality, sexual experimentation, incest, teenage suicide and, to a lesser extent, murder.