I know I’m into some weird shit.
And guys, this one is a serious entry with some fucked shit in it; you have been warned.
Something fascinates me with post-apocalyptic movies and desolate areas of the world and the weird turn of events that made them the way they are. Well, I spent this week going through the Internet to see what is outside of my own little world. I could bullshit you a bit longer by going into how small my world is but this entry is going to be long enough.

There is a famous pop song in Australia called, “Blue Sky Mine” by Midnight Oil. It was about all the mining that was done in Western Australia. I didn’t know the actual name of the town that this all happened in nor did I know the nitty gritty details. But the town’s name is Wittenoom and the part that really creeps me the fuck out is this picture and this this picture which shows an official Government Warning to passerby’s. The other picture is simply a sign which has Wittenoom covered up which shouldn’t be anything more than it is but it feels eerie just to look at. Wittenoom is well known for the mining that happened between 1937 and 1966 for blue asbestos. If you don’t know about Asbestos, it is a fucked substance which also requires special handling whenever dealing with that shit. If you do not have the correct procedures in place when dealing with Asbestos, you can end up with all sorts of diabolical shit including Asbestosis. 7,000 workers drifted through the mine in its lifetime. There was no ventilation, there was no proper procedures in handling the stuff (which we assume they did not wear masks or gloves) so by 1986 there had been 85 deaths from malignant mesothelioma.

CSR had problems attracting workers to the mine and mill, and in 1951 wrote to the Department of Immigration asking for help. CSR sent representatives to European countries, such as Italy, to recruit workers. Many European immigrants unable to find work in their own country signed a two-year contract with CSR to work at the Wittenoom mine and mill. They were unable to leave Wittenoom before the end of their contract unless they paid back CSR their fare, which for most was impossible.

What is left now is a just an abandoned Ghost town. Speaking of ghost towns, there is a site about a motorbike ride through one of the most famous ghost towns: Chernobyl. The pictures themselves are creepy as shit but it is not as nightmarish as these lots of photos which I apologise for if they creep you the fuck out. As a warning, there are several photos of people with Hydrocephalus which makes them look fucked up.

The next Ghost town I found out about was Centralia, Pennsylvania. I found a few more photos of around Centralia. There is also a documentary called, “The Town That Was” which goes through what happened at Centralia: A town built on top of anthracite coal which is fine. Except one day in 1962, they decided to throw a whole bunch of rubbish down one of the abandoned mines and light it on fire. Ultimately, people dicked around until it was too late to put out the fire and under the very ground that you walk on is a constant burn of one (out of the possible 8) veins of coal. They predict it will be burning for the next 250 years. Some say more, some say less. Anyway, the burn happened in 1962 but it wasn’t until a young boy nearly died after falling into a smoldering mine subsidence that the government was pressed into action (which was the early 80s). Now all that lives there is a guy called John Lokitis who has a hard time of letting go and 10 other die hards to still live in the town. Here are some more photos and a related blog link but the people who have been there have said the place is just deserted with the exception of these people and it is not as creepy as it is made out to be. Some have gone as far to say when you’re in the town, as long as you’re a little smart about the whole thing, the whole idea that the ground will break from underneath is eliminated pretty quickly. In fact, half the reason people left the town back in 1983 when the Government’s solution was to move everyone into neighbouring towns was due to the fact that the Government would pay more for the houses than they were worth giving additional incentive to move into bigger, nicer houses than they already had. A lot of people knew it was still ok to live there but left anyway.

I also found out there is a place called Love Canal. Don’t ask me what I was looking for when I found it. But this is another case of humanity fuckin’ it up for everyone. It was established by a guy called William T. Love. He also had a brother whose first name was Some and his middlename was Backdoor.

In the mid 1970s Love Canal became the subject of national and international attention after it was revealed in the press that the site had formerly been used to bury 21,000 tons of toxic waste by Hooker Chemical (now Occidental Petroleum Corporation).

So yeah, kind of a big deal. The fucked part of this is the toxic waste was dumped in the 40s. And it took them about 30 fucking years until 1978 when some lady called Lois Gibbs found out the local schools were built on the dump sites which were originally purchased for $1 back in 1951 after a bunch of kids got sick and flew right off the handles. And rightly so. Ultimately, you had anyone who held a position to do anything about it right until this very point denying that there was any issues at all. I believe the words were, “I don’t know what you mean. That section of forest was always black and dead. And those defects in those animals are natures gift to us.”

Which brings me onto Times Beach, Missouri.

The town was completely evacuated early in 1983 due to a dioxin scare that made national headlines. It was the largest civilian exposure to dioxin in the United States.

This proves several things like what we don’t know makes us the general public. And if we ever found out some fucked shit without the public knowing requires something drastic before anything will ever be done about it. They even tried to sweep the whole problem as massive in magnitude as Chernobyl under the rug or at least downplay the problem:

“No one believed the first newspaper reports, which patently understated the scale of the catastrophe and often contradicted one another. The confidence of readers was re-established only after the press was allowed to examine the events in detail without the original censorship restrictions. The policy of openness (glasnost) and ‘uncompromising criticism’ of outmoded arrangements had been proclaimed back at the 27th Congress (of KPSS), but it was only in the tragic days following the Chernobyl disaster that glasnost began to change from an official slogan into an everyday practice. The truth about Chernobyl which eventually hit the newspapers opened the way to a more truthful examination of other social problems. More and more articles were written about drug abuse, crime, corruption and the mistakes of leaders of various ranks. A wave of ‘bad news’ swept over the readers in 1986-87, shaking the consciousness of society. Many were horrified to find out about the numerous calamities of which they had previously had no idea. It often seemed to people that there were many more outrages in the epoch of perestroika than before although, in fact, they had simply not been informed about them previously.” -Kagarlitsky

I don’t really know what Dioxins but the words to me that make sense are mutagens, and human carcinogens. which is another way of saying will fuck humans up. Just like DDT will. What was amazing is during the movie, “The Tree of Life”, they showed during the flashback to his childhood, a tanker driving around the street spraying DDT and the kids playing with the smoke.