I think I am doing it all wrong.

This schmuck gets 1.1mil viewers for what? Talking about how fucked the situation of a 92 year old woman pregnant is? What you have touched on is nothing new. The only thing in this video worth watching was giving birth to a 60 year old man and the man says, “Man, that was rough.” That is pretty funny. Not 1.1mil viewers funny, though.

I understand this video is old now (by youtube standards) but this video has 16mil views:

I can’t even find the original news story of this youtube with equal or more views which means this one way people get their source of news.
Here is the original video:

People are even going as far as calling this a hoax:

Which I do too; I call bullshit. People love fucked up stories because it gives them a reason to jump on youtube and either make serious points (like what are the parents in all of this doing? Cashing in on opportunity, stupid) which have either been pointed out or try and fail at some kind of satirical farce. And in this day and age, people want to hear and read stories that are a bit weird. People will even go into the Pawn shop from Pawn Stars and buy something costed at $1000 as a conversation piece. So fucks me why they won’t flock my site if people flock to that half-baked bullshit you find on the youtubes.