I’ll keep this brief.
Maybe this entry was too brief.
I’ll elaborate.
Just a little bit.
Still too brief. No one knows what I am on about.

I went to the post office to get our (my wife and I) passports. Got there at 9:50AM. Bad timing as far as I was concerned but my wife thought it was fine. There were two separate lines. One for passports, and the other line was for everything else. The other line was moving. Ours was not moving at all. Sonja got impatient very quickly but I knew what we were in for. I had charged my phone so I could play games and read Dilbert while we wait for our passport application to be seen. I knew that two lines only meant one thing.

First 10 minutes line did not move. At all. I looked ahead of this line and at the front was some old geezer arguing with the lady behind the counter about the form and he could not comprehend what to do or how to fill this form our correctly. I was thinking that Hitler had it all wrong. If he wasn’t so emotionally invested in the Aryan race and focused his efforts on old people, I know no one really bother battling his army. The first old geezer walked off pissed.
But before this old guy walked off in a huff, there was some yobbo in a fluro jacket. He was standing in area of the post office that was not near any line. When we got there, he was already there and I thought initially that he looked like he worked there out the back in the warehouse. Then I thought, “Wait a minute. A post office in a shopping centre having a warehouse? What a fucking stupid thought.” He ended up lining up behind us. He (and a couple 2 in front of us) had booked a meeting with the post office online and were annoyed that they had to wait in a line like everyone else. We weren’t even aware that you could do such a thing. I thought it was a wait-in-line-and-see-what-happens scenario which it actually was. He was saying stupid things like someone who has no real grip on anything except for hard labour, heavy drinking and abusing girlfriends would say. Why get upset? You can’t change the system. It’s a post office. It’s like anything run by the Government. They have processes that don’t work and paperwork they use to make it so complicated the only way it could be done is if you knew someone who worked in that department or you had filled out the form before and learnt from past experiences. It’s the only way you can ensure that the person who is filling it out is really sure they really want to proceed with whatever it is they are filling out.
The guy behind him was also old and I didn’t think anything further of that until it had been 20 minutes and so far, we’d gone through 1 guy and we’re onto this guy. At this rate, we won’t be seen since they only do forms up until 11. After 11, they have to come back and do this whole process another day. It’s worse during the weekend. I was annoyed that the first old coot was such a waste of time when the window of opportunity on a weekend to get this shit sorted was very brief. Then THIS wanker started arguing with the lady behind the counter as well. Everyone knows him as Guy which was on his driving licence but his birth certificate had Cedric, Bartholomew or some shit. I didn’t care what his issue was but sort it out elsewhere. We were still about 5 or 6 people back from this guy. I still kept to myself. Sonja’s emotional range had gone from anger to defeat. The second old coot walked off pissed. Looks like he will have to come back another time. He’s old. What has he got to lose? More time he wastes while everyone else grows old in the queue? What a selfish fuck. The rest of us have to work, you fuckface. I know you spent your life working and now you have nothing better to do than to waste everyone else’s time as you have so much time to do nothing. But ironically, you’re so close to the grave, I wouldn’t be wasting time. I’d find the quickest way to get to everywhere so I don’t miss anything or be in anyone’s way which is ultimately all you become when you grow old.
Sonja and I looked at each other and she said that she was worried that we had got ours wrong. My thought exactly.
The third lot of people went through quickly. Maybe this is not so hopeless.
The fourth lot of people went through in an acceptable time.
The fifth lot of people who had given this whole these-people-are-fucking-hopeless-let-us-in-so-we-can-get-ours-done-because-we-have-done-this-before-and-we-know-what-we’re-doing attitude with a simple huff and sigh of impatience. Ironically, they were told to go away and come back as the passport was for their son and he had to be there to sign it. They dicked around for awhile, asked a couple of questions then walked off.
I looked behind me and there was still about another 15 people behind us.
It was now our turn. We presented the form and all the identification required as specified by the form. She saw it, made copies, got us to sign and said, “Oh. Your photo has you wearing your glasses.” She got out the magnifying glass and checked it over. On the form is says glasses are fine as long as there is no reflection or glare. So, I could either go do another photo and come back another day OR submit and see if they find any problem with reflection in my photo. I took the chance. I paid extra to have anti-reflection and anti-glare on my regular glasses so I should be fine. Our form took about 5 minutes…10 tops.
We walked out of there - 10:55AM. They finished doing passports at 11.

Fuck I hate people.