HOLY SHIT! I’ve just come to the conclusion thanks to this link which only confirms that intelligent people drink more alcohol that I must be really smart. I LOVE ALCOHOL! Thusly, I am smart. In fact, with the amount I drink, I must be REALLY smart. I mean, I haven’t been arsed actually reading the entry but I get the general gyst.
Well actually, it says that at either end - really smart people and really stupid people have tendencies to be heavy drinkers. The thing is, I deal with idiotic arseholes all day and I know they all drink.
It also says that if you are intelligent, You are likely to believe more shit like Ghosts, aliens. Which is incorrect. Have you even seen that show Newlyweds? That docile bitch Jessica Simpson is as simple as it gets and if it wasn’t for the fact that she is as hot as the sun, she would have died from stupidity many years ago. The world has its own way of killing the stupid, but I don’t think Darwin’s methods are fast enough. We just need a group of people who can make the decision to see whether the people in front of them are oxygen thieves or actual contributing members of society based on a series of conditions or set of factors. They say if you are intelligent, you can form a set of logically conclusions based on facts (regardless on how illogical those steps may be) to arrive at a conclusion that things would exist. I am not smart but ghosts and aliens? For realsies? When I see one, I’ll let you know. You might as well believe in Santa, the tooth fairy and the boogieman. Oh wait, no exclude the boogieman. That shit is real. I saw him once.