I don’t have a high respect for people as a whole.
It is made worse by the fact I work on a project which has become infamous for its rediculously high turn over rate due to low morale. Add into the mix the I-Don’t-Give-a-Shit-About-Anything-Else atttitude and the general rule of thumb is the sort of person that is on the project has the sort of intelligence you’d see in farm animals. Not all of them but its hardly glorious work. The only satisfaction that can come out of this is when you drive past the overpass or over the tunnel made by the project (on free roads that still take far more time than the built road as the toll would be far too much for any honest man to pay for), I can point and say I was apart of that.
It was fucking depressing. I guess not all the time. It did have its ups and downs.

But, what really drives shit up my arsehole is the fuckwits that plague our roads. I am not a great driver, I get that. I can be a little wreckless (sorta, not really but try and argue that point with any of my friends) but what drivers need is a sense of urgency. A sense that, “Oh, I might be holding up someone behind me so I will be considerate and move out of the way” which is FUCKING NON EXISTANT. When I say urgency, I am not talking about those fucking morons who drive the sort of Holden or Fords that are targeted by local police if you drive a single K over the limit who have a tendency to do skids at midnight or the sort of guys who overtake you on the highway while you’re doing 10KM above the limit like you’re standing still. Those fuckers deserve everything they get. When I say urgency, I mean when I have been sitting at a set of traffic lights that allows 3 fucking cars through because the moron who set the traffic lights are missing his front teeth due to an “accident” he had when he thought it would be funny to run head first into a wall and “see what happens”. Sitting at those set of traffic lights and I am the forth car in the line who could actually made if the first person wasn’t so preoccupied by…WHATEVER THE FUCK IT IS and the second person didn’t just decide to flip a ‘U’ at a set of lights that didn’t have the U-Turn Permitted sign and do the U-Turn at a speed so slow that the speedometer doesn’t even register it and the third person is a learner or some other stereotype that prohibits me from making it through these lights so I have to waste ANOTHER 2 minutes of life.
You have truck drivers in the left hand lane (which is where they should be) and that is fine. BUT, to add salt to the wound, they decide to ironically overtake the truck that is in front of it at a speed equally as slow. So now I am on the gateway which at one section for about 4-5KMs has only 2 lanes, with EVERYONE who is stuck behind two trucks who feel that they control the road.
Then there is this section of road that goes up over a small hill and then back down. Sounds pretty harmless and it is a straight stretch of road. But for reasons far beyond common sense, common decency and just plain logic far beyond my understanding perhaps, everyone decides to slow down. WHY??!?! What THE FUCK is at the top of that road that makes you slow down and in turn, makes the car behind you slow down, the car behind you slow down a bit more and sets of an avalanche effect so that by the time it has reached me many cars behind, I am forced to come to a complete stop. There is nothing at the top of that hill except more straight road. There is no onramp from other traffic, there is nothing that could stop you or make you want to prepare to slow down except idiotic behaviour.
I had a truck cut me off tonight and then decide to drive between 90-100KM/hr in a 100KM zone in the right hand lane. This is in peak traffic but the area he did it in wasn’t busy at all and there weren’t any cars behind at the time and I was about to drive straight past him so I could overtake his slow arse.
Wednesday last week had something similar where a black shiny car (I don’t give a shit about the model or brand of the car - all I know is that it is black and shiny) was driving in the right hand lane. Doing anywhere between 80-90KM/hr in a 100KM/hr zone. I stayed behind him at a safe distance and he tried to merge into the left hand lane but when he attempted this, there was 3 cars in that lane, front to rear with no space for another car to merge and this fucker in my lane almost caused a fucking accident. I don’t know if this moron was drunk (c’mon, 5PM…really?) or what because I sat behind him and waited. And waited. For several KMs. By this stage, I had a line behind me of people who wanted to drive around me and the cars in the other lane were doing about the same speed. But they were fine because even though they were driving slow, they were in the left hand lane and out of my fucking way. This arsehole stayed there regardless and after awhile, I lost my patience. I started flashing and beeping my horn hoping he would get my subtle hints and get the fuck out of my way. He did not. He almost caused an accident and he caused a line behind him, me at the very front because he wouldn’t get out of everyone’s way.

I am going to take down make, model and licence plate and start posting them here in the comments section. A name and shame. And what they did to deserve to be such a burden to everyone. Black shiny car: you may have gotten away with it this time but you were a pain in the arsehole before and there is a good chance you will continue to be an arsehole. You will end up my list. That is of course that I don’t find your car, key it and slash the tyres.