I was wrong and ya know, I am ok at admitting that. In fact, I think other people are wrong as well. It was said in the allmusic review of Attila that it was the Attila album that was worse album in the history of recorded music which is unfair, really. Sure, it is pretty bad but it could be worse. As cynical it is for me to say that, no matter how bad things could be, it could be worse. And I say this is the worse now, but you wait. Somehow, I will be proven wrong. We all know the song, “Friday” by Rebecca Black (if not, youtube it). That song was far worse than any “psychedlic bullshit” Billy Joel attempted in the 70s under heavy influence of drugs. I found something which I am not sure is AS bad or worse. But, I think it is fair to say it couldn’t possibly get much worse than this:

I’m sorry for any mental anguish this shit causes.