This link here is the reason why I am ropeable. I just want a new show I can watch that is interesting. QI? Errol Morris’ First Person? Pawn Stars? Man Vs Wild? Any of these are a little different to the flood of shit TV that plagues our picture tubes like a window into a mass infestation of the mind and are (more or less) interesting. It doesn’t even have to be interesting. Just funny will do, too. But any show that is funny is usually either taken off 4 episodes in due to the obscure nature of the comedy or is flogged the shit out of until the comedy is more less the same as it was 6 seasons ago with very little deviation.

The first problem to this is the question. Which looks like it was written by someone with a very limited understanding of the English language. Now, I know you’re like - “But…um…you like…miss out on words all the time.” Yes, my mind works faster than my fingers and the sentence is already completed in my mind before I get the chance to finish typing it. But, my punctuation is pretty good (for the most part) and c’mon - you get the idea even with the odd word or two missing. I am thinking about forking out a webcam so I vblog. It’s gotta be more interesting than at least half the shit that is out there.
The second problem is the suggestions of “interesting” shows already is the drivel that constitutes interesting TV. Which would be interesting TV if you are an uninteresting person. Granted, the idea of Heroes was sort of interesting to begin with this dark look at people with super powers. But as the show played out, it was more watered down than orange juice at McDonalds. House was another show that would have been fine as a 2 season show. But since its popularity was on the uptake, it began to be more of the same. Possible romantic interest for House? Great, lets pad that shit out for 3 or so seasons. Someone wants to leave? Great, we can pad that out for a season. It’s like saying, “I am after some interesting music like Jay-Z and Black Eyed Peas.” and having someone reply: “OMGZ! I no some bandz that u will like!!! Britney Spears, Crazy Frog, Rihanna, and Lady Gaga. I’m pretty sure Lady Gaga as a penis, too! That’s pretty interesting!.” Why stop there, though? What about Glee? THAT’s pretty interesting, right?

The third problem is the suggestion/answer. WRONG. 15 Stories High, Mr Show, Flight of the Conchords, How Its Made, Flight Quest, MXC and Japanorama would have been reasonable suggestions. The worst part isn’t the fact that the highest rated suggestion was the selected answer. And it wasn’t the fact that highest rated suggestion was shit. It is that out of 11 OTHER suggestions, NONE OF THEM ARE WORTH A PINCH OF SHIT. One of them is so hopeless, it simply repeats only one portion of the highest rated suggestion. Thus, dubbing it perfectly useless and waste of webpage space.

Are these people really THAT THICK? Are you that uninteresting that the only suggestions you have are extremely boring. Or more to the point, so mainstream you’d have to be a fucking moron not to know these shows actually exist. You just have to turn on the TV and spend an hour or two and I am sure on one of the many TV stations available, they will be playing at least reruns of these shows. Is the public’s conscience really that fucking ignorant that the only shows they can think of are the only ones that are on now? I am not even stating that this is up for debate. I am not saying this is my opinion versus their opinion. What I am saying is that, is there any wonder why I have such a low opinion of the general public? It is a sad day on this planet when I do a simple search for something interesting to watch on the TV (and perhaps, that is where I am going wrong to begin with as interesting might be better found on channels that run documentaries of infotainment) and this is the first thing that Google has to suggest to me? Really?
If there was an alien race out there, they wouldn’t bother coming to study us as they would be down here for a few days, realise that out of the billions of people that walk this earth only a very few are actually worth talking to and realise it is too hard to find them and fuck off back home where they could be having far more intellectual conversations with a brick wall or a floor.