North American Hunting Extravaganza 1_5stars.gif
1-tick.jpg You shoot shit.
1-cross.jpg Shallow.
1-cross.jpg An inaccurate shot / Shitty controls. It was frustrating as shit to play because of it.
1-cross.jpg The graphics are boring.
1-cross.jpg The scenary looks the same.
1-cross.jpg No explanation on what any of the different areas mean in multiplayer mode.
1-cross.jpg Sound is shitty.
1-cross.jpg Complete lack of fun.

Game Party 2 / More Games Party 2_stars.gif
1-tick.jpg Plenty of games.
1-tick.jpg The ONLY game worth playing was beer pong. Without the beer.
1-cross.jpg The rest of these mini-games suck.
1-cross.jpg Controls suck shit out of my arsehole.
1-cross.jpg The graphics are boring.
1-cross.jpg The sound is forgettable.
1-cross.jpg If this is your idea of a party, your friends probably hate you.

Hasbro Family Game Night 2_5stars.gif
1-tick.jpg Good controls.
1-tick.jpg Is an ok single player as well as an ok multiplayer game.
1-tick.jpg It takes classic games and presents them in a different way that ever before.
1-cross.jpg It takes classic games and presents them in a different way that ever before.
1-cross.jpg Lost my patience playing this game.
1-cross.jpg Party mode adds nothing.
1-cross.jpg Not really that many modes to keep me interested.

NASCAR Kart Racing 3_5stars.gif
1-tick.jpg Surprisingly good. I was expecting same shitty game that cashes on the NASCAR label.
1-tick.jpg Good sense of speed.
1-tick.jpg Tonnes of fun.
1-tick.jpg Good courses.
1-tick.jpg Well designed controls.
1-tick.jpg Reasonable amount of characters and karts to choose from.
1-tick.jpg Reasonable amount of modes available.
1-cross.jpg But, let’s not get crazy here. There are a few let downs. It feels too simple to get anymore than an hour or two out of it at any one time unless you have a tonne of patience and have played all the better racing games.
1-cross.jpg Sound is silly and generic.
1-cross.jpg Menu design is meh.

Mario Party 8 4_stars.gif
1-tick.jpg Rediculous amounts of mini-games. Most of them are pretty fun.
1-tick.jpg Most of the boards are quite interesting and some even involve a little strategy with moving around the board.
1-tick.jpg The menu’s are pretty good. I wouldn’t expect anything less for Nintendo, though.
1-tick.jpg Sounds do an alright job and don’t detract from the fun we’re having.
1-cross.jpg Some games are less skill, more luck.
1-cross.jpg This is just like the other Mario Party games.
1-cross.jpg Lousy single player but, what do you expect? What kind of party is one you have by yourself?
1-cross.jpg There are parts of the game that are annoying that can be left out. For instance, when you get onto a square that takes you ahead 20 squares and you have a clip of say, a dolphin taking you the 20 steps, this happens EVERYTIME you land on the square instead of having the option to opt this shit out and have a quick game. Especially if you did something wrong and say, set the game for 30 turns making it seem like a game that is going forever.
1-cross.jpg It’s hard to sit through this game for anymore than 20 turns because everyone starts to lose interest. Even if there are mini games you haven’t played in that particular game before. Still not enough to generate enough interest to sit through them all.