Sometimes I am glad no one comes to visit my site.
I see so many arseholes take a review which, might have been reviewed negatively be someone’s favourite game and make it personal. And then retort with personal attacks, death threats, etc. And I can really do without such bullshit.

Muramasa: The Demon Blade 5_stars.gif
1-tick.jpg Some of the best graphics on any Wii game I have ever seen: beautiful art, detailed graphics. This game was REALLY made for the Wii.
1-tick.jpg Accurate, precise, well-thought out controls that benefit the game.
1-tick.jpg Good Story.
1-tick.jpg Interesting characters.
1-tick.jpg Unique style of play: It’s a platform with RPG elements which are in itself, detailed but not confusing.
1-tick.jpg Well paced. The learning curve is not so rediculous that I throw the control in a tanty. Starts off seemingly shallow but becomes far deeper when played for longer.
1-tick.jpg Boss fights are rediculously awesome. One boss (I won’t name names) took me an hour to finish. You are engrossed from start to finish in the fight.
1-tick.jpg Different fighting styles only adds further ways to play this game.
1-tick.jpg Great replayability.
1-tick.jpg And the most important aspect of ANY game: fun. Tonnes of fun.
1-cross.jpg The passages between fighting can sometimes be long and fighting at times can be samey samey. Still not enough to really deem it any less than 5 stars.

Other comments: They took out a button for jump and just used the up on the nunchuck. Never has this ever really worked for me as well as it did in this game. If they had made the jump a button, I think it would slightly hinder the game’s playability.

Boom Blox Party 4_stars.gif
1-tick.jpg You take a weapon and knock down blocks. Or destroy blocks to get gem blocks. Or destroy only red blocks leaving the blue blocks. What is not to like about such concepts?
1-tick.jpg Controls work well.
1-tick.jpg A shitload of modes.
1-tick.jpg It’s like sex: Plays better as a multiplayer but still enjoyable going solo.
1-tick.jpg A level creator.
1-tick.jpg A great sequel to a good game.
1-tick.jpg Fun…in doses.
1-cross.jpg We lost interest in the game after several hours. The thing is, this was a game we could definately come back to. But can be a bit much in one sitting.
1-cross.jpg I guess that can be a lack of depth, too.

Mercury Meltdown Revolution 4_stars.gif
1-tick.jpg For a game about moving mercury through a puzzle, you can telll the controls have been the focal point.
1-tick.jpg Addictive in the way that Angry Birds is an addictive game. But ya know…not as good.
1-tick.jpg Good learning curve even if the tutorial has a shitload of things to show you at first. The game plays out at a nice speed.
1-tick.jpg Not too easy, not too hard.
1-tick.jpg Good physics: When you run in to something, it behaves the exact way you think it should.
1-tick.jpg Strangely satisfying when you beat a level you’re having trouble with.
1-cross.jpg Graphics look like a budget design.
1-cross.jpg Deep as a scooner of beer. Which means you come back to it, sure. But, gets tired pretty quickly.
1-cross.jpg It’s like a heterosexual at a gay orgy: Shitty multiplayer.

Heavenly Guardian 2_stars.gif
1-tick.jpg Wow, this is harder than I thought for 2 stars. Has a retro look. I loved the screenshots of this game on IGN. My imagination pegged this game potentially more interesting than actual game.
1-cross.jpg Controls allow you to go in 8 directions. The design of the game is so poor, you expect more for something with this kind of layout. Even Commando from 1985 had 8 directions and it was more fun. The controls are pretty responsive, though.
1-cross.jpg You get points the further you go but they don’t mean anything.
1-cross.jpg Shit multiplayer. Then again, shit single player too.
1-cross.jpg Your weapon system sucks.
1-cross.jpg Uninteresting enemies.
1-cross.jpg The story is shit.
1-cross.jpg Was released on a previous generation’s console (PS2) and looks the same.
1-cross.jpg No replayability. Hey, I didn’t enjoy it the first time. I am not gunna come back to this piece of shit.
1-cross.jpg Unless it is free, it is not good value for money.
1-cross.jpg Sadly bland, boring shovelware.