In addition to the post I just made of public torrent list, I have found a project called snakebite (thanks to APC mag). It is an easy way to setup a torrent tracker. It is easy to create and share torrents using the public list of torrents, but this is a way where you can BE the torrent tracker. I also found stories about this on Torrent Freak as well. In case the mainpage goes down, here are the files on sourceforge.
There are two other tutorials you will find here and here if you want to get into the meat of torrent sharing.

If the stuff you are sharing is completely legal, then there is a website called BT Host. Because all file sharing is legal stuff, right?
And I also found a site for torrent invites to private websites if anyone is interested.
And this is a little tasty list of torrent sites (public and private).
You’re welcome.