Sorry for this entry being all over the place but I have some shit:
* A REAL light mp3 player called Billy
* The small selection of apps here which come in handy for shit.

Google also have a Demo Lab. Demo being short for demolition.
I also found a web game like Plants Vs Zombies called Pirates Love Daisies. It uses HTML5 which doesn’t seem to work for me. Let me know if you get it working.
Talking about online games, there is this game called Robot Unicorn. It was made awhile ago and insanely popular over at the adultswim site. NOW, there is
a Metal Version of Robot Unicorn which is insanely additictive like its predeccessor.

I also found out that MS are getting rid of their Office Genuine Advantage software. I never had a problem with it since I paid for the software and it has always worked for me but I have been told people who have paid have had problems reinstalling it on previously dead machines.

Balls deep in about 40 tabs in Firefox of Wiki links I keep clicking on, I found something that Sega wanted to keep a secret. The Sega Nomad was this system that played Sega Megadrive cartridges. So, why wasn’t it this massive success? Well, technically it was. It was practically a portable Sega Megadrive. You can play Altered Beast or 1000 different types of Sonic that came out for that console. However, it took far too many AA batteries (6 at a time) and rechargeables didn’t work in the fucking thing make it expensive as fuck to continue the power to the console. That and it was released when the Saturn came out and the Megadrive was dying a quick and painless death. So no one really gave a shit. Oh, that and it was expensive as fuck to buy ($180 USD). Plus the $80 battery pack. Remind you of any other handheld console?