Kawasaki Quad Bikes 1_5stars.gif
I have tried to get into this game. I really have. I hated the Snowmobiles version of this game where you uncontrollably slide all over the place and I thought (stupidly) this time, we’d get away from controls issue because we’re on dirt. And while they have improved you from sliding all over the road a tiny bit, the controls are frustratingly laggy. I turn, it turns and after about an hour, I think I got the hang of it. But once that happened, I still couldn’t muster up enough interest in continuing to play it. There is nothing extra in the game apart from the courses which would be fine if it were a good racing game but unfortunately, it doesn’t even do that well. If I actually paid for this game, I would take it back and get the guy behind the counter to find a woman who will blow me for wasting my time. This game is that bad, I’ve re-rated Kawasaki Snowmobiles as well and taken away a star from it. Everything needs to be put into perspective. BUT, I’ve played worse games which is why this only gets 1.5 stars and not 1.

Data East Arcade Classics 2_5stars.gif
I am sure these games were absolute classics in their time but unless you are 40, own a Wii and enjoy remanscing about old times, I dare say this won’t appeal to the general demographic of kids who own a Wii. The thing is, not all of these games stand the test of time. And a couple of games are practically the same game. Not to mention that the sound of these games are bleeps and bloops. Don’t get me wrong, I love em old school and they certainly don’t make them like they used to but this collection of games are not really that impressive. The only two games out of the 15 made available that I really got into is Magical Drop III and Heavy Barrel. I could play games like that again and again. Magical Drop III is a Bust-a-Move-style game that is easy to play and tough to master and Heavy Barrel is a Commando-style platform shooter. It is not as refined as some of the other Neo Geo-like games. Street Hoop is like NBA Jam but not as good. Lock ‘n Chase is a half-arsed Pacman. Bad Dudes and Sly Spy are the same game with a different theme. That coupled with shitty looking menu can only make this collection of games seem lackluster. Without Magical Drop III and Heavy Barrel, I would heavily recommend to stay away - 2 old games is still not really worth getting excited about.