I have been going gang busters with Wii games as of late.
Here is the basic run down of them all (more of a reference for myself but I am sure you will benefit out of it if you own a Wii):
Game Party 2_stars.gif
This game would actually be cool if the controls were a lot less gimpy. An example is one of the games in this pack is one of those arcade basketball games where you have a hoop in an enclosed cage and you get the ball in the hoop. Hold down A and throw the controller like it is the basketball. Ok, I did that. I kept throwing and wasn’t getting a single ball in. I thought ok, “Must be because I am crap at this game…” and tried it many more times. On different angles, trying different methods to getting this fucking ball in the fucking hoop. I even stood directly in front of the sensor aimed it and threw it perfectly straight. And I would have got it in. Ya know, if I threw harder. So I tried throwing harder and it just bounces off the backboard and heads right for you. Darts is ok but the other games are actually worse with the controlling of the games. A prime example is the air hockey table. Never in my life have I been baffled by such a simple fucking game being made so hard to play with such shitty controls. It is on a horizontal camera angle and you point at the screen, go up and down and then hit the puck out. Which seems fine on paper but the execution is fucking piss poor. Sometimes he will move up and down and then all of sudden stop responding.
G1 Jockey 2_stars.gif
I just wanna race a fucking horse. I don’t want to sit there for 20-30 mins reading the mundane story of this jockey’s life and how he wanted to be the champion. I mean, what other choice do you have? You don’t play a horse racing game to find out the jockey’s dream was to place anywhere between second to last.
“Ah, I always wanted to come second and quietly bask in the glory that is second place to a far better Jockey than myself…”
I am all good for a story line when it isn’t so hackneyed, so mundane and just shit overall.
And then you can sit there and fuck around with handicaps and pimping your Jockey. By this stage I was so annoyed at the lack of actual racing that when it came to, I was thinking, “This better be the best horse racing game I have ever played…”
I might have been less annoyed if I came first, first go. But I came last. That’s no reflection on how poor this game is. But it didn’t help my opinion of this game.
Call of Duty Modern Warfare: Reflex Edition 2_5stars.gif
While this may be a good game on other consoles, it does not do it justice on the Wii. Again, shitty controls. I lose my patience pretty fucking quick and after playing it for an hour, I lost all patience. I point at the screen which works intermittently. And then if I want to move quickly, it doesn’t seem to respond as quick as I want it to. If I could be bothered to get used to the controllers, this could very well be the 8 or 8.5 it scored at gamespot but I have plenty of other games to play and I don’t really give shit about all these Doom-clone first person shooters. With the exception of the originals (Wolf3D, Doom 1&2, Duke Nukem 3D) and similar-styled games (Vitrua Cop, House of the Dead Series).
Facebreaker: KO Party 3_stars.gif
Very stylish and it has a pretty good soundtrack. My only downside to this game is how fucking incredibly hard it is right from the get go. The learning curve is not big and you get tips on how to improve your game. But after playing it for an hour today, I still had not been able to finish the first guy. I am a crap game player, but I am not that crap. I tried choosing different opponents, I tried choosing different characters to play with. Must have played 10 games. Not won a single fucking one. I know people worse than I and if I have trouble playing it, they have no chance. The controllers are quite suitable for the game (in pretty much the same way it is on the boxing game in Wii Sports).
Punch Out 4_stars.gif
I loved the SNES version of this game. It was my favourite game on the SNES by far. I would eat Bear Hugger for breakfast, shit out Piston Hurricane and consume Masked Muscle for dessert. The update is much welcomed (and a long time coming) but this has a different feel to it. The difficulty though goes from easy to hard really quickly and talk about being pedantic and fucking touchy with the game play. If you don’t duck at the right time, the computer will fuck your shit. There is absolutely no room for error. The SNES version was far more forgiving and obtaining super punches in the SNES version was easier without being too much of a hindrance on the game by making it too easy. In the Wii version, you have to be ridiculous on accuracy with your punches to get stars which gets frustrating further on. The new version also has multi-player which has also been done well.
Pinball Hall of Fame: Gottlieb Collection 4_5stars.gif
I actually like this game. A lot. The camera angles are smooth and the gameplay is as good you can possibly want from a pinball game. The controls are a little novelty but still serve a function and do not take away from the game. One thing I forgot to mention is you start out with about 5 tables as you play them and get slightly better with each play, you get credits to play other tables. It’s frustrating when the ball goes down the side alley and there is absolutely nothing you can do about it but that is just half the challenge. Also with each table, you are given goals to achieve. So if you do what I did and completely ignored the instructions (c’mon, it’s Pinball…how hard can it be? Just keep the ball on the table, right?), then you are in for a rude shock when you don’t seem to be progressing further forward as quickly as you would like.
House the Dead: Overkill 5_stars.gif
This is one of the first games I played on the Wii and it is still my favourite game for the Wii. It is everything you could expect with an update in the graphics department. You can play multi player or play by yourself with two guns which is pretty good. The section of the game plays out like an episode of a Grindhouse film.
Tatsunoko Vs Capcom 4_stars.gif
It’s another fighting game along the lines of Streetfighter and Marvel Vs Capcom. I haven’t even heard of most of these characters but the ones they choose from Capcom’s side seem slightly shitty. Ryu is there but the one character who seems far stronger than just about every other character is Chun-Li. She is the Eddie Gordo of this game. Tatsunoko characters (for the most part) require a bit more skill than random button bashing to kick some arse. My biggest complaint is this game takes about 20 minutes (literally) to beat. And the end boss is no challenge at all even though you have to go three rounds in succession to beat him. The gameplay and graphics are pretty good considering with a Wii controller you only have one button for punch and one button for kick which greatly limits your ability to do combos. Still highly enjoyable and tonnes of fun.
Tetris Party Deluxe 4_5stars.gif
This is ultimately www.tetrisfriends.com for the Wii. We have found in spots the controller becomes unresponsive on an almost rare occasion but apart from that small niggle, this is ultimately a good game with TONNES of different modes to choose from. The graphics are good, it’s designed for a group setting but doesn’t make you feel like a total loser when you play it by yourself and it has a neat addition of having items you can use against your enemy (much like in the way you have attack items in the online portion of www.tetrisfriends.com) which has been done well.
The Simpsons Game 1_star.gif
Shitty controls, shitty gameplay, shitty game. Lost interest pretty quickly.
Ghost Squad 3_5stars.gif
Another first person shooter in the vein of House of the Dead: Overkill. But completely different theme and plays differently. Still pretty enjoyable even if it does play a lot tighter with a lot more precision required than HOTD.
Wii Sports 5_stars.gif
Highest selling Wii game of all time and with good reason. I love it. It’s easy to pick up, it’s fun to play and great to play in a group setting. I can barely find fault with it EXCEPT when you play golf, sometimes the controls register back swings as your forward swings sending your ball off into the water or deep in the woods. That’s a +2 I could live without. It’s not enough to give it any less than 5 stars.