I own a few hard drives.
They came out with SSD (Solid State Drive) which revolutionised the speed at which we get data off a drive. The only problem is they are expensive as children. And there are yet to be any drives with substancial space. 64GB does not cut it. I trip over 64GB of data in a month download from the Internet. Linux distros, porn, homebrew games. AH, WHO AM I KIDDING? It’s porn! ALL PORN!!!

We’ve had platter drives for years. Cheap as shit. But slow.
Nothing new there. But now, I found a bridge between the gap:
Seagate Momentus XT!

They sell them here if this is the sort of thing that interests you. And not only within a reasonable amount of space BUT a reasonable price, too. I mean, it is still 2 x the price than a regular platter drive with 3 x the space. But, look at them speeds.
I’ve got a boner.