6 Most Creative Loopholes Ever Abused
I love cracked.
There’s the story of the smokers to avoid the smoking ban all said they were in a stage performance to continue smoking inside. There’s the story of David Phillips who found a promotion where frequent flyer miles were handed out when you send in 10 barcodes were sent in. Then worked out flying was far more valuable than pudding cups and bought 12,150 cups of pudding in exchange for 1.25million flying miles.

And then there is the story of Michael Larsen. He was unemployed and watched the show, Push Your Luck every day. Taped every episode and found the random machine which selected your prizes wasn’t random and “cheated” the system out $100,000 and a trip to Hawaii and the Bahama’s.
What an epic story. One of the people who commented went on to say:

They interviewed Michael Larson’s family on This American Life in 2008. He was a true example of how having money can actually make things worse. Larson ended up alienating his wife and his parents because he was scared they were stealing from him. It’s on their website in the episode “Something for Nothing” and is definitely worth listening to, even if the message is depressing.

I tracked down ALL 5 parts of that episode which was banned from being shown again.
Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4:

Part 5:

Because of youtube’s greatness, I also found two Game Show moments which were worthy of posting:
An unappreciative contestant:

$1mil Winner