I fucking lost sleep over this game.
And when I went to sleep, I dreamt about this.
What am I on about? One of the best webgames I have ever played:
It is a process-driven game. Kinda like Risk (if you have played it before).
They ease you in (on level 1) by giving you all of Europe and you have to eliminate the other player. Each turn you get 5 armies and you deploy them to your countries and then tell them where to go and if you send enough, you take over the territory.
Then they progress giving you a nice addition of fog which prevents you from seeing the whole board and only seeing neighbouring countries which can be a pain when you realize in a game of 4 other players that 3 have just died and you still only own one continent and you can’t see the only other player owns the rest of the board. Leaving you with the knowledge that in 5 or so turns time, the other player is about to hand you your arsehole on a plate. Oh and then they split up the countries up which only adds more time to dominate the board but is a nice addition.
It also doubles as a online game. You can play a buddy which is also awesome.
Fuck any other game I mentioned on here before.
Play this game.
Thank me later.