Man, I thought I was hard to get along with.
At least I am not some whingy teenager.

How the FUCK do you get 500,000 users watch you at one time? The only clever thing about the videos is he has distinctly separated himself from the millions of other assclowns who feel like they should be heard without adding much to anything by adding annoying bright colours to the background of the shot youtube use to link to the video. After watching…enough of his videos, I can confirm that this guy is a brain dead moron.
“Ya know…like…me and my friends, we were hangin out and Kayen says to Maiesha suck my balls. So Maiesha says, ‘Present them’ and we were like LOL DUDE! DO IT! He says, ‘I’ll do it…if you tongue my dirty arsehole at the same time!’ OH SNAP!”
Except ya know…not that good.