I have always said I love a story where the little guy(s) beats the big companies. I love it even more when the big companies shoot themselves in the foot because the people making decisions are clearly dickheads and have more money than sense.

I feel bad for the RIAA. Well this story about the RIAA tells us out of the $64mil that has been spent in trying to track pirates, they’ve managed to re-coup $1.3. Take that back. I don’t feel sorry for the RIAA. They can suck the shit out of my bleached arsehole. I hope they go broke trying their pathetic scare tactics. Wouldn’t this money had better spent on education? Or better lifestyles/Pay increases? Or hospitals? Or a third-world country that could really use it instead of greedy, corporate bullshit? I think it should be mandatory for anyone over a certain threshold to make mandatory payments to third world countries. Never gunna effect me and if it ever did, I’d be more than happy to. I could claim it as a tax deduction.
Technology is at such a level where RIAA are NEVER going to win. Ever. The courts take so long to do anything, that by the time they have prosecuted one user, a million more users have just downloaded more than one song for free.