I may have said this before - who knows? I say a lot of shit. 53 pages of entries.
Anyway, I fucking love AND hate 2leep.
You go to the site and you see a list. You realize that everything in list sounds interesting. And then you realize, “Holy shit, I’ve just wasted 8 hours reading just strange shit all day. Fuck, the boss is gunna be pissed. I got NOTHING accomplished today.

To show you what I mean, here is a list of links that is some form of entertainment:
April Fools: Make their Cubical look fucked up
Dumbest Deaths in History
The most extreme flashlight I have ever seen. Be seen from Space! Ha, just kidding.
The Future: We’re fucked.
Strangest Creature On Earth
The Mysterious Sailing Stones of Death Valley
Ugly Fucking Dogs
Russian Films Worth Watching
Ellipse Wings
Epic Fail Parking
You Park Like An ArseHole
12 Most Creative McDonalds Ads
10 Hijacked Billboards
10 Weirdest Diseases
What Good Parenting Looks Like
Poor Americans
5 Traumatic 80s Cartoons
Interesting Photos
9 Funny Micky D’s Commericals
10 Extinct Animals
15 Clever Logos
Numbers on the Music Industry
What it is like to Work in China
10 Really Great Bathroom Inventions
Underwater Museum In Mexico
Disable Windows Nagging
The Horror of the Subway
Odd Photo
Most Expensive Homes Around the Globe
25 Worst Jobs to Have in 2010
12 Scholarships That Actually Exist
10 Interesting-looking Petrol Stations
Ironic Shirts to be Arrested In
More Photos that Have Not Been Photoshopped
10 Excellent Short Films
See what I mean?