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OK guys, thank you all for viewing this particular entry. No one else could give a shit about what I have to say but this entry raised a few eyebrows.
Or rather, someone found this entry and decided to SPAM THE SHIT OUT OF IT.
I don’t know how they found my site.
I mean, I am not even #1 anymore when you search for 2 Inches of Fury.
How do people find this site that no one visits? Writing for this site is like talking in an alley way to no one. You can hear your own voice through the echo but no one hears the tree falling in the woods.

Still…seems like that entry really spoke to a lot of people.
I KNOW IT DIDN’T. I am just trying to enjoy this moment!
Way to spoil this moment for me.
Maybe I need some Google ads for my website to make the 39 cents annually I will receive totally worth writing.