If you hate Windows, OSX and whatever else - this is the site for you.
It will agree with you, I’m sure.

It gives you a breakdown of what happened when Steve Jobs showed off its iPhone 4 OS. If you’re not aware, he was showing the WiFi product of the iPhone and couldn’t connect to any of the networks. And then blamed all the interference with everyone in the conference using WiFi. My suggestion: get a fucking device that works, you arsehole Steve Jobs. What a piss poor excuse. We had 10 WiFi networks in our area when I was living a friend and I could connect to my own no problem any time. Or any of the others that were unprotected.
Safari 5 came out recently as well. The recommendation? Indifference. Slow. Not even Average.

If you are going to say your browser is the fastest, you might want to do some ACTUAL testing in real world scenarios like a Windows machine, you douchbags.
What gets my goat is that these companies are really more conglomerates that employ 1000s of people. How can you have so many people on the team, and still get something reasonably simple wrong? I am not just targeting Apple (as they have the simpleton/laymen approach to technology down pat with iPhones, iPads, iPods, etc) but MS, Norton, McAfee…etc as well. Any large software company. It is not hard on what the user wants so why can’t it be developed?
Sometimes there are complex solutions to rather simple problems.