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I told her I was a fucking MAC when we started…now no one can see my boner. FUCK this water is cold.

I fucking hate Windows.
But Linux, before you get all high and mighty, you suck too.
And OSX? You’re so simple with your button click to do everything which is fine if you have an IQ the same as your age. Unless you are/were like Jeanne Calment. Or you are right into your web development/graphic designer shit. Windows fucking sucks at graphic designing. And don’t say Adobe’s CS3, 4, 5 in Windows is some sort of competition. I spend time at work supporting your shitty software. It might be ok if you’re fucking retarded OR your work only supports a limited 32bit OS. You have alternatives but Windows/Linux and OSX can still suck my scrote.
Anyway, this entry just goes on to say that Windows users are still living in a RAM-restrictive environment because most users still use 32bit Windows.
Which before Windows 7 was really the only option as you had XP 64bit which had shitty apps/drivers support, Vista was still chunky as fuck whether you had the 32bit or 64bit version and Windows 7 is STILL fucking massive compared to any other OS which is not Windows but vastly superior to any other Windows OS prior to it. I have yet to find an app which doesn’t work on it and is more slim than Vista. Again, not a terribly high bar set.
When you see Linux’s version of chunky (some of their distributions which are classed as heavy on system resources) is STILL only a fraction of system resources than Windows, you start to wonder what the fuck is under Windows’ hood to make it so fucking ridiculously large.
It makes mention of Mac users having faster Internet connections but that is all relative. Australian Mac users have faster internet connections? Than who? Those who live 1000kM away from the city and rely on dial up? Hardly. If you are talking about the American market, their slowest connection is still years ahead of anything we have here in Aus.
Plus, think of this: If you have the money to outlay for an expensive and over-priced piece of equipment, you can afford to outlay the internet connection.
What happened to the nerds of our generation who played games on computers and knew the ins and outs about getting the most out of their gaming experience? Does the extra memory really effect or benefit Mac users when Windows users generally have way better video cards?