Ok, so I bought and installed Windows 7 on the weekend.
I thought it was time for a chance. Since XP is on death’s door and my work will eventually move to the platform or the platform that proceeds it, I should get a leg up and warm to it.

Well, I have had several days (including some sick days with an ear infection) to see how it is.
The install was suspiciously easy. With an XP install, you have create partitions and format the partitions which takes an hour on top of installing the new OS. The format took roughly 5-10 seconds. And then took about 40 mins to install which about the same amount of time of to install XP. The GUI (Graphical User Interface) when installing was easy on the eyes and easy to use.

The drivers were installed automatically. However, I don’t have any funky hardware to install weird drivers on but I manage to conjure up some Windows 7 specific drivers and installation was done easy. A friend had a wireless card that did not come with Windows 7 drivers and does not work in Windows 7. He might as well installed Linux. That is the sort of shit you are likely to see there and even then, there are still driver problems with old hardware. Don’t believe? Google it. “Why doesn’t my <piece of hardware> have Windows 7 drivers?” is everywhere.

This is where happy times became like New York traffic: starts and stops.
I played around with it for awhile. Very first thing I noticed was the taskbar. Can I change it? This is the dicussion I had with Windows 7:

“Can I please have the old XP bar back?”
“Yes, but it has been Window 7′ized.”
“What does that mean?”
“We have added extra functionality which you have to get used to.”
“Ya fuckin shittin me, right?”
“Can I turn off this extra functionality?”
“No. Welcome to Windows 7, bitch.”

I can turn it back to the gray, plain-Jane taskbar and look of yesteryear BUT I still have to deal with how the new taskbar works. This is something I can not turn off.

Oh good. I wanna modify the Start Menu. No classic? Oh, but there is a shitload of options tucked away in our new improved menu…but, still no easy to use classic that we’re all used to.
I want to manually add folders and modify the start menu. Wait…where is my \documents and settings\%username%\Start Menu folder gone? All I have is this users folder. And there is nothing in there that I can see to modify the start menu. What is that? I have to look harder?
C:\Users\%username%\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs
Oh good - easier to find.

For Vista users, this is the norm. This is the sort of shit that made Vista users take their own life.

So, Windows Explorer has a changed a little.
Can I strip it back to have a really simple look? No.
Can I turn anything off? No?
So, I have to have Favourites/Homegroup and Libraries? Well, if you google it, you can hack Windows 7 and turn it off with Registry hacks.

If your Windows 7 is being retarded and your getting Windows is Not Genuine message, uninstall the update KB971033. If it is not in your list, google that shit. It happened to me and I fucking bought my copy.

What I have neglected to mention is whenever I am in Pidgin, it stops responding. I thought it was Pidgin and I would have to install shitty MSN messenger because I never noticed it any other program. It’s not filled with shit but it is a little nicer to look at then Miranda’s basic but dull interface. For the rest of this resolution to this problem, keep in mind I have a 10 year old keyboard which is PS/2. I am happy to continue using it and I am not a gamer so I don’t care for the latest and greatest. Plus, I am happy with it and don’t really wanna move from it and shell out the $18 for a new one.
It turns out that this is not a problem with Pidgin but Windows 7 - SURPRISE! ANOTHER FEATURE! YAY!
You will find its solution here. It says in this article that it only happens when you upgrade from Vista to windows 7, but the exact same thing happened to me and the fix they provide also fixed up the problem (not entirely but for the most part, the symptoms are gone).

Being Windows, I am somewhat suspicious how much memory the GUI is actually taking up. It looks nice that is great but if History is anything to by, it is usually at the expense of something. Generally all of your system resources. I have been reading A LOT of blogs and people are super critical. You might think I am being super critical, but man, you should check out what others like this, and this, and this, and this, etc.

What is fucking retarded is the general population are either nit picking or just hating on MS as a company rather than the software they create. We all hate the fact they monopolize the operating system industry. Now I am not supporting MS in any way because a few things I mentioned previously still ring true and they are not big asks. What I oppose is being forced to buy Windows 7 because there are no suitable alternatives. Linux is only an alternative if you have any interest in learning Linux or you’re not a gamer. If you are a gamer, then Windows is your only solution. Good luck to those trying to make a hybrid.

Not like Apple are any better or anymore trustworthy. Companies are like the American Government. It really is the lesser of two evils.

Thanks to Tim for this link about God Mode:

This shouldn’t be a hidden option. God Mode as shown in the video gives you access to shit loads of options. The only problem is these options are either found elsewhere in the Operating system already OR should really be options that should be easy enough to find without the need to know this hack.

Other than these pressing issues, and the fact that any internal hard drive for some reason seems to be slow to access than XP, Windows 7 seems to be ok. Don’t think I will be touching Office 2010 anytime soon.
Plus, I don’t have a need to use any office suite at home when I have this instead.