‘Muhammad’ now a dirty word on South Park

South Park have been pushing buttons for as long as the show has been going. I mean, the first episode ever aired was about anal probes for fucks sake. I struggle to think of a time in South Park where it hasn’t been some obscure reference or something vulgar/extreme. I know people who love the show, I could watch with the guys and there are episodes that rate quite highly but South Park is a show that but ultimately could only watch a few episodes at a time before I start to lose interest…and fast.
I genuinely believe that at times, Parker and Stone actually tone down some of their material just like they have done here. They could have done so much worse than what they have. Then you have some Muslims cry ALLAH or whatever when someone rips on their religion. I thought I would do some research on Allah since I was going down that road, anyway and found that there are other types of Abrahamic faiths like Christians and Jews who also use the word to mean God so it is not just the Islams. Hebrew’s use the word Yahweh to mean the Lord. And if you write Allah in Islamic and you don’t put a wiggle in the right place, it takes on a totally different meaning. It means I’M A GIANT SELF-HATING FACIST RACIST HOMO WHO HATES ALLAH AND WISH DEATH TO ALL so ya know…don’t try writing it. You don’t want to give off the wrong message.

Here is how to avoid having South Park (or anyone for that matter) rip on your religion:
* Don’t make death threats whenever someone rips on your religion (as it is like the bully in the playground: it makes people feared of you but ultimately, you’re still fucking dumb, it won’t prevent everyone from continuing to do it and you are hated outside of your tiny circle)
* Take a fucking chill pill. Since you Arabs are intense, you better take 2 or 3. Here, I will send you a few boxes and take them in handfulls. Eat them like people paranoid about their breath smelling do with mints. Look, I have had 3 before I came into work today. I haven’t done any work all day ’cause I am so chilled and I am looking to be fired. Am I concerned? Nope, ’cause I am too busy chilling. And that is really what these extremists need: a hobby.
* Don’t take it so personally. When someone rips on something I like, I take it was a grain of salt that the person who just insulted what I like doesn’t know what the fuck they’re on about, anyway. I understand it is a way of life for you and guys, seriously…smile.
* Don’t bomb the US. Americans hate it when you do it and there are tonnes of them. They have guns and all sorts of weaponry that makes whatever your packing look more pathetic than bows and blunt arrows or carrying butter knives. Why Americans hate it is because it forced them to turn to their leader, Bush Jr who really didn’t know what he was doing and forced to spend millions of tax payers money to retaliate. They are in enough debt. They don’t need you to fuck up a tower or two to prove a point. We know Americans for the most part are ignorant douchebags but by doing this sort of behaviour, you are just as bad. Plus, what did you think it would achieve? Did you think you could take all 300 million of them? Did you think they would take it sitting down?

I’ve been listening to far too much Henry Rollins as of late in between playing online Tetris, reading news articles, Wikipedia and whatever else. He is continually looking for places to go for a holiday and Mr Rollins, being the open-minded kind of individual he is, he watches Fox News or Bill O’Reily say something like, “Don’t go to Pakistan because it is full of hatred and terror…” So the very first thing he thinks of is, “I need to go to Pakistan”. And he spoke to friends that said Americans are hated there and it is not a nice place, etc. Clearly THAT worked out because he went anyway. Long story short, he went, had a great time, met the locals and not once did he ever have an experience where he was being picked on for being an American. Of course, being 6′5” tall, and being built like a brick shit house, he would naturally have no problems. He’s practically Iron Man.
See above: Henry Rollins

Anyway, Henry Rollins is into tolerance which is fantastic. He wants what he dubs the Ramones/Minor Threat Block Party where everyone gets together regardless on race, age, sexual preference and gender and just has a great time. It’s idealisitic and we all want it to happen but I see stupidity far too frequent to believe it will ever happen UNLESS there is something which will threaten all human life. Something greater than ourselves if something is out there.

I guess the statement that really drove me to uncontrollable fury was the very first comment:

Very very sad. Score another point for the terrorists.

Now if I misinterpreted this, I am sorry, but the way I read it (especially since all text lacks sarcasm) was this guy believes that because a show was unable to say a few words deeming the entire episode from…well, making sense that the terrists have won? What kind of shit is that? Why stop there? The terrorists have won if you can’t brush your teeth one night or the terrorists have won if I run out of breakfast before shopping day? The fact that this phrase was used by Bush means it is only something a moron would say. It was tapping into the psyche of gun-tottin’, patriotic nation of rednecks who love their country and have an IQ that matches the amount of teeth in their head. What happens when this episode is released on DVD completely uncensored, do the terrorist still win? Or what happens when it is released a bootlegged site? South Park is popular enough for someone to do it. Are the terrorists going to threaten the internet? Good luck to them.
It is a scare tatic to ensure that America are so preoccupied with terrorists that they have time to wake up that bigger shit is going on. Ever since the attack in 2001, have there been any other major attacks? Are there going to be more terrorists than people? Are the terrorists going to take over in numbers?
What shits me even more is 23 people liked the one sentence statement. Score another point for the terrorists? Are you fucking kidding me? Are they keeping tabs? Do they have a blackboard with a line down the middle and chalk marks on either side keeping tabs? These terrorists going, “AH HA! We fucked them up by preventing an episode of South Park to make sense. Score one, us. Now, let’s see…pentagon? Check. 2 towers? Check. South Park episode? Check. Well, that is the trifecta. Let’s see what else can get them with. Oh wait…Ted? Was the Pentagon us? Should we still mark that as one for the terrorists?” America is so wound up in its own bullshit, the rest of the world could declared world peace, already having that Ramones Block Party, and America would still believe the terrorists are out there ready to attack in a constant paranoid state.
Do you ever think the terrorists think they are the bad guys in this war on terror?

Anyway, where this all came from was an email sent to me about the latest Simpsons episode where Bart was writing something on the blackboard:
Sunday night’s opening credits on Fox’s “The Simpsons” sent a message of support to Comedy Central’s “South Park,” which was censored by the network last week for attempting to depict the Prophet Muhammad.