Sometimes I wish I had my own label. I’d almost give it all up to have a solid label. Just so I can sign up a band just like this. It is not too often that you come across bands like this that you really want to have known. The closest comparison you can possibly make is they sound like Nofx circa ‘95. Lyrics strong, the vocals are very much fitting, they’re tight and I love singing along with their songs.
I originally did a review of this band many moons ago when I first heard them on myspace (a recommendation from Josh (Qpunx editor)) and things have changed. Not by much but there is a difference between the first time I heard them and the now which is why I decided to re-do this entire review. I also thought it would be best if I did it on a song-by-song basis.
Salad Fingers is a great start to the EP. Most of the EPs I have reviewed have had pretty powerful starts but the difference between when I first heard this band and the now is, initially this was my favourite song off the EP. And let’s face it, if your first song doesn’t blow me away (and it doesn’t always have to be the best song off the album) or at least interest me enough to continue listening, I got other bands to listen to who will.
It has a sort of slow (not boring) start before it kicks into a ska drum beat and some nice ska riffs, a nice guitar lead and you’re thinking, “This is ok…” and then …BLAMMO! It gets kicked up a notch and the volume goes to 11. Once you’ve gauged how great this song is, it is quickly followed by making a mess of yourself in the trouser department. The song does not let up the entire way from its impressive start. Not to mention a fucking great chorus. If the rest of this EP goes the same way, we have a winner.
The second track, My Day: which DJ (lead singer, bass) says is their “pop song”. It also happens to be my favourite track off the album. Starts off with nothing but drums which shortly leads into some pretty cool guitar work before it EVEN GETS BETTER. If you could take the Spinal Tap joke of 11 one step further, you would do it with this song. This song just gets me so amped, I fucking love it. I love a lot of music for whatever reason but I put this song with a few that really get me so excited, it elevates my heartbeat followed by excessive blood flow to the nether regions and a massive hard on ensues. Just so you know, this EP gets 3 stars based entirely on this song before I hear another track.
The following track, The Bet is all hormone-driven don’t-fuck-with-me-or-I-will-punch-you-in-the-face-and-get-my-friends-to-fight-your-friends. This song only has one forgiveable weak moment where they try and do a rap thing. I don’t particularly care too much for it but everything else falls in line with the rest of the EP. If you made this song 1 minute shorter without that part, this would be another perfect song.
Australia Day? is the fourth track and it has the start that is a distant relation to, “Salad Fingers” but by this stage, it is not at all exhausting or hinting lack of ideas. If anything, it demonstrates that they mix shit up and that is another tick in a long fucking list. My understanding of this song is about country pride and a nice touch for Australian audiences at the end where the singer shouts, “OZZY! OZZY! OZZY!” which we’re expected to shout, “OI! OI! OI!”. I like the fact that it has a little “Oi” in it. I know they are doing laments National Anthem but the enthusiasm, the riffs, the straight-ahead punk rawk, the backup singing…it all blends together not only seemlessly but really well.
The final track - “Showbag Sex” which is also great and never disappoints. I found the topic to be a little silly until I spoke to DJ during the weekend and he explained to me the situation of when he was young and told me the whole story which made a whole lot more sense and now it is something that only adds to the whole listening experience.

If you follow any of my previous reviews, you will know it’s fucking rare for me to dish out such a gleeming review. If you ask me what a local punk band should sound like, this is it. Punk has been unoriginal for years so lets not bullshit ourselves by tainting the pool that is great punk with other shit that doesn’t belong in there. Or make it sound so complex and unappealing, you lose the hook and my interest. Or add so much sugar with that annoying generic teenage vocal you all know which has not only been done to death, but fucks me who thought it was a good sound to begin with. It’s also a tragic way to kill killer guitar work if you find a band that rocks musically until you hear the vocals. This band doesn’t have to prove anything but they have great lead work with the hooks, suited vocals and the speed to make this a punk EP definately worth recommending. I really look forward to their future releases, let’s hope they don’t fuck it up.