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How Not To Handle A Resignation Gracefully
I am only writing about this because it strikes a chord with me. No one likes quitting especially face to face with someone who will fly off the handles when a less than favourable situation is presented to the manager. Especially one that can be prevented if the manager did the right thing in the first place. What you have is a marketplace that cares very little for the employee and those places that do, have a very lucky select few who never leave because of it. The rest just give you the attitude that they are paying you wage and you should be lucky that you are getting that and eventually you have a high turnover because of such low morale. It is not rocket science. Some managers can’t get out of their own way (we’ve all seen the TV show, “The Office”). I often wonder apart from being entrepreneurs in the first place how some people become CEOs and managers when they are fucking horrible at it. Email is perhaps not the best method of letting your bosses know you’re out of there but imagine being fired from facebook: it’s happened.
I think about it like this: in this day and age email is used for just about everything else and well, this IS from a developer. They don’t like talking to people who aren’t other developers even when they want something. It won’t be long before this becomes effective means of communicating you’re moving on. Someone doesn’t get the email and wonders why you are no longer turning up to work.
“Why aren’t you are at work, Michael?”
“Uh, did you not get my email 3 weeks ago? I quit. I gave you plenty of notice.”
And this would be sent by SMS because Michael doesn’t answer his fucking phone because that prick screens all of his calls.