Waiting for Guffman - 77%
RT claimed this was Christopher Guests’ best work to date. It was clear from the get go that St Clair (Guest) was gay and there were subtle gay jokes amoung other things but man, this is no A Mighty Wind. Better than For Your Consideration but this movie is about a failed New York stage producer/director who moved for Maine, Massouri several years ago to be a drama teacher at a high school. He then has been asked by the Mayor of the town to host the play about Maine for the150th year anniversary show day. He uses all the same characters we have seen in every other Christopher Guest film. I found comedy was good and the characters were also good but perhaps not great like they were in A Might Wind. With any film, you get a vibe and I got a better vibe from A Mighty Wind than I did with this film. If you are going to see ANY Christopher Guest film, watch Spinal Tap (which was actually a Rob Reiner film) then watch A Mighty Wind as you might find similarities but it is almost like a sequel with a different theme to the same template used many years before with equal amounts of success. I found the success is actually with the three leads - Harry Shearer, Michael McKean and Christopher Guest which appear in both films but do not appear in this one.

The Eyes for Tammy Faye - 78%
About a simple country woman who connected with people and fell in love with (and married) a man (Jim Bakker) who created their own TV network called the PTL (Praise the Lord) Network. This is no satire. They built a religious empire and reached out to a lot of people but as you could probably predict shit got out of hand. Jim was done for embezzlement and Tammy was addicted to Ativan. The only thing stopping this documentary from getting a higher score would be the pacing which starts off real well and covers a lot of what goes on but towards the end it peeters out. And they almost brush over all the controversy (one-sidedly) that would make this even more interesting) and then spent too much time worrying about her life later on when it was less interesting.

LA Confidential - 90%
Really good film about police corruption and cops orchestrating the criminal behaviour within California in a throwback to 50s-style. It takes time to explain the characters and the story so the story naturally plays itself out. 3 main cops - one cop (Crowe) who had a father who used to beat his mother and is now trying to get revenge on ANY man who mistreats women, one cop (Spacey) who sets up famous people in order to make himself more famous by giving stories to the local magazine writer (DeVito) for the pay throwbacks and the final cop (Pierce) who is only new who is devoted to doing better than his father and seeks the truth for what really happened. It all extends from a two murders that have more than meets the eye and the more each cop reviews and researches, the more that is uncovered. The thrill portion is high, the story keeps you on your toes and everything is in its right place.

Zack And Miri Make A Porno - 61%
Being a Kevin Smith, I have a certain level of expectation and this should have had more stronger jokes. A guy and his housemate who have been friends for as long as they can remember make a porno to make ends meet and hire some locals to assist with it. It is convenient that the housemate happens to be Elizabeth Banks. How they should have done this is Zack and Miri Make a Porno and take out Liz Banks and replace her with some repugnant chick. Some woman you would never want to make love to in a million years. OF COURSE you would make a porno with Elizabeth Banks - you’d make ANY excuse to have sex with her.