No, this is not ANOTHER rant about how the Holden Commodore can suck the shit out of my arsehole. It is more about this: http://gadgets.softp … omeback-8533-01.html
I will ask you all to cast you memories back…all of you who visit my site. Regardless of age, you will remember the dinosaurs. Afrovenator (later became famous for the style of hair which was teamed by black people), Allosaurus (went on to be in his own British show “‘Allo ‘Allo”), Dilong (derrived from the latin word ‘Dildo Dong’) and the Utahraptor (hates Homosexuals, executes retards and very religous).
Well, around this time you had the Commodore64 which had a cassette deck which you could load games onto. The monitor was joined to the keyboard with a seemingly flawless design. We never owned one but we knew people who did and they had Greg Norman golfing or some type of Golfing game. It took minutes to load and it was in green and black. Back then, it was THE shit. By today’s standards, it IS shit. We have mobile phones that are many times over more powerful than the Commodore64 and is now the basis of all Internet related jokes. And well, I am not one to pass up a good joke.
The new commodore will come with a WHOLE 1MB of lightning-fast RAM. This is a major upgrade from their previous 64 kB RAM. They have replaced the tape deck (and later the 5 1/4inch drive) with a 3 1/2 inch floppy which can handle a STAGGERING 1.44MB (1.36MB post-formatted) and boy, you can access the data off THAT baby in no time! A CD-ROM will be available for purchase at a later date. It will only be able to read CDs giving you access to a massive 700MB of space. And really, that is more than anyone needs. We have replaced the original PC speaker with a KILLER 16 bit sound but erm…there is still only one speaker. I even got a sound bite from the sound engineers that developed the sound portion of the NEW Commodore:

A lot of time and development went into this. It turns out that there is some stuff out there a little more powerful for power consumption but we had the ultimate goal of providing cutting edge technology and a reasonable cost. Plus, going from mono to a two-speaker stereo set up is just a waste of time. Who would want that many speakers? We have an firmware update that will cater for those freaks who need 2 speakers. The firmware will allow stereo emulation. What we did is we took the mono sound and broke it up in to two. The firmware update will be available from our BBC and newsgroup.

I guess the most impressive aspect of this beast is the CPU and motherboard upgrade. The CPU which goes from an 8-bit MOS Technology 6510 microprocessor in the old Commodore64 (ran at an embarrassingly slow 1.02 MHz) and they amped that bad boy WAY UP. They now have that running an AMAZING 100MHz! It does not stop there. On the side of the keyboard is a turbo button. You press it and…BLAMMO! 200MHz!.
They’re a reasonable $3500. Available in the next few months so wait with baited breath. I know I will be.