Don’t ask but I was at the inlaws the other week at our usual weekly dinner. I walked into the room while all of them were watching RuPaul’s Drag Race and said, “Wait. Is that a dude? That woman looks rather mannish.” I am not one for reality TV shows and this was really no exception.
These drag queens were all carrying meat and two veg, so to speak. They were packing heat in the pant department or wedding tackle. I can’t say for certain but it is a thought we all think: even though these men dress up like women (which could be a result of fucked up childhood, chemical imbalance or maybe both), they might be contain bigger junk than you or I. If they walked up into you in street and asked you out on a date, you could be fooled. I mean, not me. But you could be.
I guess this is less of a blog entry and more of a community service - awareness of men who look like women or mannish women (A.O.M.W.L.L.W.O.M.W.)