“…are made of thus.” - Tum and Phul Morning Show.
David Lynch is facinated with them.
I have been having strange dreams for as long as I can remember. So I thought I would share them so we can discuss them and talk about how I am full mental.
My dreams seem to have 3 common aspects to them:
* Seemingly random vignettes
* Faces are blurry (except for a few that I can make out)
* Everything about the dream is usually unfocused. Eg. I can’t work out colours or backgrounds
* I believe everything that happens and not for a minute do I ever question the validity no matter how extreme the circumstance.

This first dream happened two nights where it starts at the registers in Big W (they’re like Walmart if you’re American). I wasn’t working on them but was standing in the shop looking at them. No one is moving but I can hear ambient sound and I can move anywhere. It is like a 360° photo but it looks more like a painting than a photo. I don’t know if I am with anyone but we are not heading towards the registers. In fact, nothing is really happening until I start to walk to the back of Big W where people start moving again. Instead of a back wall which is what Big W usually has it was all open end. There were people walking in and out of Big W though this seemingly purposeful entrance and there were no security beepers or registers at this end. No one was stealing everything but as soon as they walk through their exit, they disappear. I walk through the exit and at my feet I notice a polished hard wood floor in a perfect square the second the Big W floor ends. There were no shops surrounding or on the polished hard wood floor - just darkness. This wooden floor was about 1KM long. I took several steps out on the wooden floor and then by surprise…BLAMMO! A car driven by my cousin Peter hit me from the left hand side. Instead of hitting me so hard it forms me into a paraplegic, kind of holds me to the front of his car and pushes me for what felt like a good 3 or 4 seconds into this tiny room where my cousin Michael is sitting. Both Peter and Michael did not say anything to me and nor have any menacing look, either. It was like being an RPG game and being a character you walk up to but do not really have any interaction with. Michael and Peter are unidentical twins in real life just like in the dream. This room that I have been pushed into is not the only tiny room but there looks like there are 5 or 6 tiny rooms and every room has a piano in it. The rooms are interconnected with each other by a small hall. The rooms can only fit one person and one piano in it and two of the rooms have a glass panel so I can look out to the wooden floor where I can see Peter with the drivers side door open with one foot still in the car standing up. And Michael just sat there still not saying anything. I look down and I can play piano quite well which is different to the piano retard I am in real life. After I discovered I could play piano, I woke up.

It kinda reminded me of this:

My second dream last night was much more brief. It was like the ring road we have near my parent’s place at Forestdale (Abby and Archery Street) had been turned into an old mansion that had a lot of stairs and a young girl followed me around. There was one room in this house which had bands playing and if you walk out of the room, there is a hall and a set of stairs running adjacent to the lower level. The only thing that stood out was walking out of the room, down the stairs and at the bottom of the stairs, it looked exactly where Abby and Archery meet at the other end. Then I woke up. For those that have no idea what either street is, then this dream probably means a whole lot of shit all.