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How To Make a Cheap 67 Terrabytes
I found this link ages ago and when I was going through my email, I noticed that I had not posted it here. I am a man with an interest in making budget space (see previous entries about the home-built NAS I made) and this is the extreme. I believe we’ll be looking back on this and going, “WOAH! They spent all that money and all that wasted physical space for just a Petabyte. Man, I just bought this 3.5inch 5PB drive for $80.” I am sure if I had the money, this would be my first investment. I am sure even if you filled it with Blueray rips, you would still have a hard time trying to fill it. Plus the word “cheap” was used loosely - it still costs $117,000USD to purchase 1 Petabyte. It is well designed for good air flow with minimal amounts of physical space but imagine how heavy one of those bastards would be to lift/carry?
Sweet Jesus.