Believe it or not, they are teaching abstinence at schools in America. And according to the youtube video (below) by Bill Maher, they pour billions of dollars into this campaign which seems pointless to me. It’s like telling people to ignore your urges. I mean, I don’t know how you can say, “C’mon kids, no more sex.” or “Kids, sex feels great. But don’t have it.” so many ways that it costs so much to make such a campaign.

Back in high school when we did sex ed, we sat through a slide show of STIs (formerly known as STDs) and that was enough to put you off sex for a whole 4 hours. They have pills and creams for most of the shit you contract these days. Regardless on how many people you preach abstinence and how frequently you preach, you are still going find morons who fall pregnant about 2 hours after the speech.