I have a memory like a siv.
So I went to the Jubes last night to see 15 bands which turned out to be 14 bands as one of the rude bastards decided not to show. I missed the first band who I was told was good but that’s heresay. I walked in on Noxious and about 15 guys in total around the place. They were giving their usual power performance. I don’t particularly give a shit about their music although they have one really good punk song. Their performance is what you go and see them for as it is always a good show and not the first time I have seen these guys.
THE MOLOTOV were shit. Before playing a gig, my suggestion is to learn your fucking instruments. Just ’cause your punk does not excuse you from bad playing. Their guitarist did not bring an amp so he sounded like shit. Certainly helps when you remember your fucking equipment to a gig you’re fucking playing, dicks.
Kombi Killers were not only shit but total dicks as well wrecking equipment that wasn’t there’s.
Myself Destruction were definately the highlight for the whole gig. I could wank on about how great the Quickening were but there was something I didn’t like about them which I was discuss. Myself Destruction had been clearly drinking and did make one or two mistakes (but they are only human) but sweet Jesus, can not find a more obliging band. I was the dick who kept calling out song names in hope that they would play them and they played every song (the few I knew) I called out. Totally awesome dudes to boot.
DMS were ok. It sounded like the lead singer/guitarist (whose name is Felix I guess by the back of his jacket) had some Daddy issues he really needed to seek help about instead of venting them in his song(s).
Fire Driver were not punk but they did sound like Grinspoon. Nevertheless, they were still a really good band.
Sled were awesome as well. Awesome guys to boot. Love their shit and totally different from any of the other bands.
Up until that point, the bands for the most part had been great.
Then Align set their shit up with Emil from Sled helping do their sound test as Dave from Align had been doing everyone else and shit was perfect: the stage was set. They got up there and their usual coy behaviour, Josh announced they were Align with no further banter and then…BLAMMO! I have seen Align play so many fucking times, there is a point where they should be paying my arse to turn up as they had been playing the same 6 songs with assorted covers for so long but had acquired long-time friend of the band, Josh as second guitarist which seemed to have ignited some kind of songwriting fire and it was clear as day that Josh has also raised the bar as band also as I have never seen Align play as good as they did that night. I don’t know if it had something to do with the moons in align (excuse the pun) but it was amazing to see that there were new songs (and one or two of them are some of the best songs they’ve ever done) but shit was tight. If there was one criticism, it is that I wish there was more banter. I like a little conversation, something more than, “Hey, how ya goin’? We’re Align…”. However, I do remember distinctively someone screamed out “PLAY SOME JAZZ” and Dave and Josh just broke and did this 30 second slice of what could have been Jazz if it were played by a punk band. Certainly not, “Bitches Brew” but certainly added to the night. It’s a shame not many people showed as they really missed on something special; definately a highlight of the day.
Dementia13 would have been even better if the lead singer wasn’t too busy telling the crowd they are a shit audience and being a total cunt. The energy was fucking amazing and the songs were really great. As well as hanging from the ceiling which was also pretty intense.
The Quickening were awesome but then again, you don’t need me to tell you. Surprisingly enough, they didn’t pull a crowd like they always do. There was great banter to add to the amazing abilities of each member and the power cut when the lyrics, “The parties over…” BLAMMO! And the most disappointing aspect of their gig, though was saying they are and never will play any of their back catalogue and they hand that over to Align as they are the only ones who still like those songs. So Quickening think they’re above their old catalogue like the rock stars they are - bunch of fucks. That is so bitterly disappointing. So I expect Align to start playing the only two Quickening Songs that matter - “Why I Hate TV” and “Red Spite For Blue”.
No Credit were alright. I was so tired by this stage that they could have put on a great show and I still would have felt indifferent about it. There was a fat dude who slid in front of the stage on a jug of blue booze which was spilt all over the floor. And some tall lanky fuck who stage dove off the stage on to the floor.