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Windows PE 2.0
If you are a giant nerd, then you might be interested in this.
Ultimately, it is a cut down version of Windows and before you say anything, I know I know. I thought it was impossible to cut down Windows any more than it already as an ultra slim operating system we have come to love. But unlike its big brothers, PE is fully customisable. There is however, a bit of fucking around. It could also get you out of tight situations.
In the world of Windows, you receive updates every now and again in the bottom right hand corner. If you manage a network (home or business), you can decide which patches go out or not. Most people are ok with installing all patches and then whinge to their closest computer technician friend when it doesn’t work. … e-business-world.htm
Why is Apple a joke in the business world? Because none of their shit is designed for the business world?
They’re still stuck in their iPhone and iPod ways giving each other congratulatory rimjobs and pretend their OS crashes less than Windows. Because their hardware is dear as poison. Read the article for more. … entials-software.htm
If you like to cry into your pillow and wake up in cold sweats about your computers health or simply just don’t give a shit at all then throw caution to the wind by downloading Microsoft’s FREE software - Security Essentials. It seems to be ok from what I have tested but there are far better products out there worthy of your attention. … ws-start-to-show.htm … i-virus-software.htm
If the thought of an anti-virus/anti-malware piece of software in Klingon, then look no further. If you’re like me and it seends you into a spiral of rage and hate that would make the Hulk look like a giant pussy, then you should probably look away. I barely have an acceptable understanding of the English language as it is. I don’t want to confuse myself by installing something I don’t know how to use because I can not read any of the buttons and menu items. … dows-7-make-over.htm
Are you a moron? Or a giant homo? Or maybe you have a complete chemical imbalance? Well, I do not like change at the best of times but when it is a good idea, I give it credit where it is due. This is retarded. If you want it to look like Windows 7, then fuckin shell out the $150 for it. Or download it off the internet for free if you do not like the thought of Microsoft raping the money out of your pocket.

http://www.howtogeek … windows-xp-or-vista/
I have spent some time with the toolbar for Windows 7 and yes, it is somewhat more intuitive. There are improvements that can be made to the new toolbar (which are pretty much outlined in the link). It’s a good start but if you’re gunna go and make a change, you might as well go the whole hog. I do not need a preview of what application I have open. This is mainly because I am not a computer illiterate moron. So turn it back to how I like it. … ultiple_desktops.htm
If Microsoft had an original thought, it would be lonely. It was pretty much like our election for Prime Minister back in 2007. Linux said we can do multiple desktops, Windows said, “We can too!” … peed_launch_mode.htm
I personally have absolutely no need for this bar. But for some people who again, need to shave those precious seconds off their productivity or are simply TOO LAZY to do a few more fucking clicks of the mouse, then this is probably for you. … _screenshot_tour.htm … eases_ie8_beta_2.htm
IE8 sucks my nuts. I have a beta version of it on XP and half the websites I visit don’t fucking work. A perfectly good reason to fuckin move away from the dodgy piece of shit software. It does work better in Windows 7 but don’t waste your time on a piece of software that steals its ideals from better browsers, anyway. The best thing about any browser that isn’t IE, is they’re not trying to flog the shit out of the whole bing/live search. Urgh.