I tend to send links to myself where ever I am to remind myself to post it here. These are two links which seemed to have missed the boat somehow:
http://www.screenjun … ilms-you-should-know
I don’t know why they only selected 10, but there are better movies. Not only and that (and I know this sounds hypocritical if you remember back 50 odd posts ago) but why would he add them to a list if he has never actually watched them? He is basing his entire opinions on heresay which is retarded.
I would love to see Rubin & Ed as it looks to be right up my alley.

http://www.screenjun … -who-should-be-stars
Americans will laugh at just about anything. Some comedians are very funny but the ones mentioned in this list are not all funny. Nick Swardson was the only one from this list that I had seen his stand up routine (oh, and Oswald Patton). I had seen just about every other comedian in some movie or TV show.
If you read the posts by the endless list of tards who demonstrate the ever decline in humanity, someone googles comedian and goes, “These people also need their break…” and then post names of people who have been stars in film. Eg. Dane Cook.