Rounders - 67%
Matt Damon is a sensible (as you can really possibly be) professional poker player who has a long time friend Edward Norton who is a high flyer with a short fuse and tonne of bad debt. One dude buys all of Nortons debt and he is forced to pay it back in 5 days…OR ELSE. What exactly? Not important. They go from poker game to poker game and clean up without being spotted as being poker sharks. They get caught a few times which is about as relevant as the point system in Whose Line Is It Anyway?. It has some good performances with both Damon and Norton. If you are not prevvy to the game of poker, you might get lost with the lingo used. I love poker so someone who was not interested in poker might have rated it far worse.

Austin Powers: The International Man of Mystery - 90%
Mike Myers’ strongest and possibly best film not only in the series but in Myers’ entire movie career. Not only are the characters well defined and very likable but the jokes are thick and fast and well executed. The first time I saw this movie, I fucking wet myself. I found this even better than Wayne’s World.

Borat - 93%
Fucking hilarious well executed character by Sascha Baron-Cohen. The story is loosely put together to string together each cringe-worthy yet, so very riotous situation. The character is not only very well liked but has a blatant ignorance which works favorably. The entire movie is over the top but not in a decadent manner. If you like any of the Sarcha Baron-Cohen characters from his TV show, you will like this more or less as you know the excesses he delivers in all of his characters.

Bruno - 10%
I fell asleep through this - twice. Both Borat and Bruno come from the Ali G Show. I was aware who this character was before the movie since I watched the Ali G show religiously. It seems very clear that this is the only character that does not translate to an entire movie. I got one or two laughs out of the entire film which is really piss poor for a whole hour and a half. I knew it was going to be nothing but gay jokes and prior to the film I had low expectations because how many gay jokes can be done that has been already before? The jokes were forced and just shit house. It was clear as day that we have been hit over the head with these jokes with shock tactics and failing every step of the way.

Spanglish - 8%
As a whole I do not like Adam Sandler films. This is not a comedy which for Adam Sandler can be EITHER a positive or a minus depending on your take. There is the occasional film which is alright but this movie was boring as fuck as they explore the different cultures and different economic status and the families within them. Ya know, the whole wise Mexican vs. the generic American family. They show you each individual character and how they contribute to the story but man, I just couldn’t care less. It was quite obvious there was a whole tonne crammed into this movie - nothing of which was interesting enough.

Hot Fuzz - 88%
A very funny and VERY British comedy film about a hard core Police officer who gets moved to a quiet town and shit goes down. The new cop in town explores into what happens. As it continues to unfold, it gets better as characters are very likable and well defined characters with excellent on screen chemistry. Even though your protagonist is harcore, you just know it is all in good gest. Nevermind that though, with the addition of Nick Frost as the half-wit sidekick, it comes together fucking perfectly.