I started an entry August last year and never finished it. So I edited it and added 2 sentences. Here it is in its complete form (Published by Oho on Saturday, August 15, 2009 - 09:54:16):
Last night Sonja drove me home because I had been out on the town. And I had a little too much town to really drive. We were pulled over by the RBT (Random Breathalyser Test) and they got us for not having ‘P’ (provisional) plates as Sonja is still on her ‘P’s. Clearly it was a slow night or else they would have given us a warning as Sonja fed them an excuse which was viable and this is our first offense and it was really petty as everything else checked out perfectly fine. This resulted in a $160 fine. We were very much in the wrong. But then it got me thinking.

As you can imagine, that price seems extremely fuckin steep just for not having ‘P’ plates on. The government has taken a 0-tolerance towards provisional drivers as they statistically cause more accidents on the road which is their means of justifying this fine.

The area I live in is not a low to medium socioeconomic area. What they don’t take in account is there are far worse things out there on the roads than some unmarked ‘P’ plate car. For instance, Holden Commodore drivers and their friends, Ford drivers. All of them. Who clearly drive erratically and frequently speed while staying up the arse of the person front thinking that this will get them to move quicker.
Here is what you do in that situation: Buy a crap old car and a neck brace. On a straight and narrow road while you are doing the limit (or a tiny bit over) and some fuckface is almost touching bumpers, slam on your breaks. Even if there is nothing in front of you. And then take off again. Assuming he just didn’t plow right into the back of your car. You’ve now taught that wanker a lesson they clearly will not learn. Idiots never learn.
So for all you car lovers out there who wants the answer on which brand of car is better: Neither - You’re both losers. Find something better to debate about. All of you.

Recently a Motorcar insurance company has started a new policy which is either revolutionary or will send the company broke. I’m not sure. The policy states that it does not treat everyone the same. Someone who uses their car twice a week for an hour will be charged a different rate to someone who uses their car every day for several hours. At present, every insurance company charges you a flat rate regardless of how often you use your car.
Well, I believe the government should have a similar system. We were first time offenders and we use our car all the time so we should be either fined in a different structure or have our first warning. If I had offended in the past, it should be the fine as per usual. “C’mon, you’ve been warned about this before. Here is fine. Good day, sir.” Had I been driving a dodgy looking Holden VB I also like the way the police call a citizen, “Sir” or “Madam” like we’re above them. Treat us like royalty while you dish out a $160 that most of us will struggle paying. However, there is several problems with this structural scheme.

Plus, don’t police have better things to do? Like eat Donuts?

Do you think that all rules are created to ensure that the population is safe and anyone doing something outside of these rules should be punished?