Fargo - 86%
Atmospheric as fuck. This whole movie has a certain air which is captured perfectly on film that is brooding and creepy. Late at night with the lights off and Steve Buscemi turns into a person you would not want sitting behind you. It is not a “BLAMMO!” shit yourself horror but still intense and very worthy of your time.

Burn After Reading - 82%
Some very funny moments but when it ended I was expecting more. It did end quite abruptly but at the same time, the more I thought about it - that was a great finish to a really good film. Brad Pitt is certainly one of the highlights in this film but it is easy to see where the mockery begins and ends with a few surprises along the way. Both Fargo and Burn After Reading are Coen Brothers films that are quite different from each other but are both unique and well-executed.

History of Violence - 92%
ANOTHER Dave Cronenberg film. This is still an excellent film and thoroughly enjoyed. Ed Harris plays an agent who has been sent from Philly to find Viggo Mortensen who plays a family man by the name of Tom Stall who thinks Viggo is an old member from the mob. The story is somewhat straight forward but the best aspect of this film is it keeps us guessing. And regardless of the title, this is not as violent as it is led you to believe.

Shrink - 60%
I wouldn’t watch this film again but it was mildly enjoyable. It has Kevin Spacey who plays the same character he always does - emotionally distant shrink who cares about people but is still traumatised about his wife’s suicide that to escape the problem, he smokes weed and has a dealer who is not particularly bright but always come prepared with about 30 different types of weed. There is this one moment in the scene that is quite good when he is with his dealer and Spacey are going through the dealers stash and he comes across this weed called something like, “Vietnam War” (as every type has a different name). And the dealer is like, “You should never buy this - only buy this if I have nothing else and you are desparate.” And he buys it any way because he can relate with being in a desperate situation and since things weren’t getting any better for him, he bought it. Both the dealer and Spacey find themselves in hospital in the next scene as the weed was interlaced with embalming fluid. Classic. There are all these stories and characters that you expect to go somewhere but it doesn’t really. However, the ride is kinda fun and that can be the whole point sometimes.

Biodome - 57%
Most critics will turn their noses up at Pauly Shore - and rightly so. However, this movie for me falls under the so-bad-its-good category. Two knobs get stuck in a Biodome for a year and they fuck shit up. If you’re expecting well-thought out jokes and intellectual conversation in this film, forget it. Characters are mostly generic and soul less and Pauly Shore plays the only character he knows - himself. The movie is pretty straight forward but there are parts in the movie that are so retarded, I let out of a laugh and went, “Holy shit, did I just laugh?” That happens a few times in the movie.