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I wasn’t asked to write this review but really got into the two previous reviews I did and so I’m writing one for the archives of an album which dates back to 2006.
When I first heard about this band the year was 2005 and it was a good time to be alive. The breeze was hot and the birds were shagging…or something to that effect. That was my understanding of the story between birds and the bees. I am pretty sure it was Spring but this is Brisbane where it is summer for 9 months out of the year, it’s fuckin hot and I am so sure that we are closer to the Equator than that fuckin map says we are. I don’t remember the name of the venue but it was located on a corner and it was a pub which no longer has bands playing there which makes me sad in my pantaloons. And if they do play bands still, I am sure punk bands would have been crossed off the list as accepted bands.
I had never heard ANY of the bands except one - Fat Mans Clevage who were playing that night and Josh (who runs the QPunx site) said to me the band who are doing their CD Launch tonight were right up my alley and fuck, can he pick em. They had their old drummer and they were insane in every respect. Guitar work was impeccible, the drumming was tighter than a 40 year old female virgin and they even threw in a few songs remaniscent of Kid Dynamite and man, am I fan of Kid Dynamite. One distinctive thing I also remember about that night is seeing B2 wear a Kid Dynamite shirt that night and thinking, “Man, I hope they’re even a fraction as good and as fast as Kid Dynamite”. But when kids wear band shirts, you don’t know to what degree does the band shirt reflect their influence.
Fat Mans Clevage were good and it was a great atmosphere. Sure, it was alcoholically-driven but all punk gigs are and plus…it was at a pub - go figure. I have no other recollection of any other bands playing that night apart from these two (oh, and Forefold) and one of the other bands had a lot of tall cunts in it who were uninspired and forgettable. Not to mention piss poor. I guess that is what I was suggesting when I said uninspired but I really just wanted to get that message across.
I had not been so impressed with a live band in quite some time before Bad Day Down. They played the whole album they were promoting at the time (Biting the Hand that Feeds), front to back.
After I cleaned up the litre of jizz my dick blew after the first song, I went and paid the $15 for the CD. The other positive out of that night was that I ran into Gotty from Forefold and I was just saying how good they were that night and he gave me their first EP for free. I was prepared for pay for it but he said, “Thanks for being in the Mosh” and left it there which was super awesome. Man, I miss those days.

Fast forward a bit and they had released a split EP which I spent like $5 at a show for which contained some forgettable band I can’t remember. The track names were clever, though - I remember that much. Anyway, one of the tracks was, “Infidel at the Kids Table” which was recorded live of that very gig.

Fast forward again and they released this album. Upon the first listen, I was greatly disappointed. Where the fuck was the original drummer? If the band don’t miss him because he’s a cock (or whatever the real case may be), I do miss contribution to the band. I know how all of you read all my reviews so you’ll know how I was saying in the Stolen Bikes Ride Faster EP that you can do a tight yet cop-out drum beat? Well, to replace the original drummer they got Prawn from Forefold who does this. He sounds good and tight like your Nana but not as good as the original drummer. Much like the same way as Miles Away did. The guitar work is always great no doubt but the one thing I had an appreciation for was the bass work. The band has always been political so the lyrics have not changed. If you loved, ‘Biting the Hand the Feeds’ most people will find the new one equally as good but there might a select few of you who were like me who need to take a number of serious listens to really give it the same appreciation you gave the first one. Those who are new to the band, you will love it. There are more songs this time around but there are fewer songs this time around that don’t amp me like the first album did and less of a “HOLY SHIT” factor.
Favourite songs: “You (Also) Don’t have to Ride Jim Crow”, “The Half of It” and “Biting the Hand That Feeds” in that order.