And it was said on the mind controlling picture tube that they are looking at making privacy laws tougher which does not appeal to me. I always wanted a hot female stalker and if you introduce these laws, that fantasy can not happen.
I believe it was on A Current Affair and before you get all hoity-toity, let it be known that this story is not only credible but 100% true. They were saying that if these laws come true then gossip magazines will be thinner.

gos⋅sip /ˈgɒsəp/ [gos-uhp] verb, -siped or -sipped, -sip⋅ing or -sip⋅ping.
–noun 1. idle talk or rumor, esp. about the personal or private affairs of others: the endless gossip about Hollywood stars.

ru⋅mor /ˈrumər/ [roo-mer]
–noun 1. a story or statement in general circulation without confirmation or certainty as to facts: a rumor of war.

Ok, so now that we know the definitions of these words, fictious stories of celebrities are going to be effected due to privacy laws. So either these books are just really good at guessing the TRUTH or this story is a total bunch of shit and these magazines will continue to sell the same shit they have always done with fictious stories about people who look like they are normal and having a good time but what is TRULLY messed is that they are compared to the freaks who sit outside one of the celebrities houses and take photos, they are.
Is this because of the 1000s photos of Brad Pitt or some one else I couldn’t give a flying shit about which no one is going to remember that they no longer can take new photos? HOLY SHIT! We are in a crisis, people!

Then it raises bigger questions like why did these privacy laws have to become more tougher than they are now? And how come they have been so pathetic and under developed? Are people’s lives so boring and pathetic that they have to rely on others who are empty and superficial with about as much depth as a scooner of beer? And we’re supposed to admire these people? Hardly a life.
It’s gunna get tough, people.