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“A teenage lottery winner in Britain has admitted to blowing her 1.9 million pound ($3.67 million) prize in less than seven years — $482,000 of it on cocaine”
A fool and their money are soon departed.
People would argue this teenager was too young to have so much responsibility. Fuck right off.
My argument is this teenager was a moron. And the only thing that saddens me about this person is not that wasted money on coke, but it didn’t kill her. I would loved a story where she tripped over a tonne of cash, did hard drugs and then died.
This bitch has the nerve to say, “I wish someone had taken the money off me when I won it and given it back to me when I was mature enough to handle it.” This moronic bitch makes me see red. No one takes responsibility for their actions. I wish I was her dealer. I’d be $482,000 richer. Give me her money and I would have spent it better.

Okay, she lived but this puts her in a tough spot. She will never be rich because she had the opportunity and now she is back to being poor. And she got there by luck. So instead of embracing wealth, she pissed it away. If she was given another chance, I will bet my left nut history would repeat itself. It has nothing to do with age (unless of course she was 8 years old in which case she would have spent most of the money on Fisher Paykel toys instead of white angel dust). If you look deeper, she will never be happy because she had a shot of sustaining life-time happiness with wealth and she spent it on coke.

It would make a good movie:

Katey was a run-of-the-mill girl…until that one fateful day BOM BOM BOM!
Katey: “OMG OMG! I won! I’m Opera-rich!”
Katey got rich quick. She had a bright future but the temptation was too much. And that one fateful day, life just got a little TOO real and almost OD’ed. She had a new lease on life…but was it all she expected?
Now…she has to deal with not only real life but has to deal with herself. This year will bring you the biggest (quasi-sorta) comedy thriller, STUPID DUMB BITCH.
Written and Directed by Judd Apatow.

But regardless; this shit pisses me off.