In Brisbane, they have recently implemented a new system: Go Via. What this is exactly is when you are using the toll roads (any highway/freeway that requires a few dollars to use and typically gets you to a selection of locations quicker than any other method) there is an item you attach to your car which you can top up and it keeps a certain amount of money on it and when you use the tolls, you are charged a certain fee depending on where you get on and off.

What they used to have were toll booths that were operated by people who used to never shave or had tidy hair. This was because these people hated themselves so much, they could not look in the mirror as it would induce vomiting. They would get all bi-polar every morning when they thought about the soul-crushing job they had working 12 hour shifts in a tiny box, dishin’ out change to people who were on their way to a better job. Some days, they would not even go to work. A selection of those people who didn’t go into work, would not even bother calling in.

So the government saw a better return in a set of cameras and device detectors that deducted an amount from your go via device. This meant not having to pay people constantly. There would be an initial outlay for the structures that held these cameras and device detectors in place, but would pay themselves off. So, in a twist of irony, the government did these people a favor those people who hated their job by letting them all go so now they have nothing to hate anymore. So those who were bi-polar before are now really far past the end of the rope.

Now the problem with this system is not only can you not see how much you have but how much the system is taking out. We only got our new device a little over a month ago and it is faulty. We have been on the tolls several times now and it is deducting money, only it is not letting us know when we do not have anything left in there. They have employed one person to run the Go Via helpdesk. I know it is only one person because we get the same cracker every time we call it and complain about how our device is not making a sound and each time they come back with, “Just wait a few more times and see if it does it again…”. The first time we called helpdesk and told them it did not make a beep, it did not take money from our device which was strapped to the car in the same position it always has. Then the helpdesk told us there was going to be a $1 administration fee to match up the photo of our car/number plate with the details we provided.

This whole program runs on the honesty system. You could be making several trips a day and find out that in the course of several months, the toll has gone up without warning and what was $2 per toll has now been bumped up to $3.50 and if you’re device is anything like me, you’re being billed/fined for having nothing on your go via piece of shit. This has been going on in other states for quite some time so those in other states, this is nothing new. But the thing I don’t get is to find out how much you are being charged requires you to logon to a website. How can so many people be trusting? Are they all going to get accounts? Doesn’t that seem inconvenient? So provide a convenient way to take money. And an inconvenient way to find out if you’re getting ripped. Amazing.