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No one will ever be like William Shatner. Captain James T Kirk to nerdlingers the world over. Both loved and mocked in the same sentence. A man whose situation is so unique - both a lifestyle and twist of fate.
I didn’t know that the Shat had another album. I was under the core belief structure that when you put out an album as mind-blowing (and I mean that in several different ways) as The Transformed Man that you can’t really top it. And in many ways, his newest offering does not. This time, he is apart of the joke and while I do empathize with the situation of being taken seriously, I would prefer to take the piss instead. The joke is just not as funny. Still classic but because the 1968 classic had that uncertainty, the edge (along with the severely outdated music) is what adds to make it a timeless classic.

His cover of Pulp’s, “Common People” was a surprise and was a much welcomed addition to the repertoire of classics the Shat has graced us with.

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Then I did a little further digging because if I missed his important and understated 2004 release, what else have I missed? I fell into a fit of uncontrollable laughter when I found out Shat was apart of a compilation (and get this…) called, “Golden Throats”.
Like Natalie Imbruglia, I am torn. Do I take the high road and end this entry here by leaving the reader make his own jokes or do I take the low road and fill in the blanks? Firstly, this sounds like a porno. How much Golden Throat would one get? Are those Throats REALLY Golden or is that simply a marketing ploy? Not to brag but I got Golden Throat once. And that is why I am marrying Sonja. That shit has got like $500 street value. I have been advised it is better than black tar heroin.

Oh, and it also has the addition of fellow Trekkie, Leonard Nimoy has icing on the proverbial cake.
Around the same time ol’ Shat was cashing in on, “The Transformed Man”, Nimoy was taking on an album of his own. Cashing in on the Trekkie phase. Little did anyone predict that shit would get this out of hand on a TV show which is so old. Mr. Spock’s Music from Outer Space is another slice of musical genius. It’s clearly a comedy album but the dated music simply adds to it the way that, “The Transformed Man” is. I am unsure on whether Nimoy and Shat would look back on those albums and go, “Wow, how did we come up with great inspiring, cult-classic albums such as these?” or whether they would be more like, “Wow, what a regret. I guess you’d do anything to support your meth habit.”