If anyone can think of a way this site would get more attention, I would like to know. I tried submitting my website to Google but you know how it is. When it displays 1 out of 5,000,000 results, I am the 5,000,000th result. No one realizes that amount of minutes it took to put this site together. It is regularly updated which is more than most of the websites which get posted on the net.

Throwing some ideas around, I thought why not make a webtoon? That’s a word…right? Webtoon? In the entire existence of the internet, I have only seen a very few actually worth reading. The rest of them are World of Warcraft nerds or Babylon 5 nerds who enjoy boneing each other by telling World of Warcraft “jokes” that require phrases and words only people in World of Warcraft would know. They only laugh mostly out of pity and the appreciation of the time it takes to actually draw one. A perfect example of this is:
I don’t know how but this is a link on maddox’s website.

In the list of links was a website called Tucker Max which is some wanker who thinks he is funny. He’s like maddox except Maddox lives up to his own hype.
If all I need to be is a giant dick to get attention to my website, sign me up.