McDonalds: Serving Shit Food since 1940.
It all started with the first McDonald ad ever made:

This ad should have sent the franchise broke. This doesn’t look like Uncle Ronald McDonald - that loving, trustworthy and friendly clown at your local franchise. No, this dude looks like uncle bad touch. The sort of freaky perv you wouldn’t leave your kids with even if he paid you and would probably MORE suspect if he DID pay you.

The Ron-ster in this video clip skates like a 4 year old with those My-First-Skates from Fisher Price. He looks like they’ve hired a drunk, put him in a clown costume and let him loose on the kids.
But they have edited this ad very well. When he says “Your mother is right as always, but I’m Ronald McDonald. Give me a ‘McDonald shake’…”, he wasn’t talking about the kid shaking his hand. And when the kid says, “Well, you sound like Ronald…” and the clown in question replies, “Well here, I’ll prove it to you…” and while it looks like he is pulling burger after burger, he’s certainly pulling but not burgers. This also explains the shocked look on the kids face ’cause uncle bad touch is packin’ a serious amount of heat…in his trou department.

They took the original clown and replaced him with this guy. What is with Micky D’s taking all their clowns from Jail and using them in ads?

And their happy meals? Don’t get me started. You can have one of their popular sad looking, completely-nothing-like-the-ads cheeseburgers, a-day-and-a-halves-amount-of-fat-in-a-small fries and a small diabetes-inducing, watered-down-coke-like-syrup coke or soft drink/soda (if you’re American) and sodomy.
Oh and the funniest thing is they’re offering an alternative to this extremely unhealthy food. I wish youtube had the video to show you how they are marketing their healthy alternative. It was the most unintentionally funny ad ever made. These kids are not going to go for the healthy alternative. What would they prefer? Some awesome-tasting, fatty fries? Or the most skankiest looking pieces of apple you have seen that have been sitting there for weeks ’cause no one in their right mind would buy them. And they sit there and McDonalds can not add a ridiculous amount of additives and preservatives to make them sound more appealing. Even if the apple was fresh, only that ginger kid who has allergies to the fat in the chips would be the one to select apple as an alternative. He would have selected the fries option if the preservatives didn’t kill him and shut down vital organs. The healthy alternative is only there so people don’t sue the restaurant but seriously, when you got to Mickey D’s, what are you expecting? It’s a grease shack, you morons.

Pennywise the clown? LOL
That is one freaky looking clown. I can not imagine this clown making too many crying kids stop crying.

Now, if they had an ad like THIS, I would buy more McDonalds. I don’t even care what they’re selling. Ronald had a hot sister who is working the advertisement scene and I bet old-mate Ron is sick of all of his friends telling him his sister is massively hot and they wanna bang her. Being a sister it is not like ol’ Ronny can say, “Yeah…I wanna bang my sister too?” You sick freak.

I was watching media watch the other night and thought it be so thought provoking, I would include it here. It is about the way McDonalds target…erm…certain groups:

Funny shit.