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“Microsoft Business Division Chief Stephen Elop announced a free / ad supported version which they hope will help combat piracy. According to Elop, “There’s an opportunity to draw those pirate customers into the revenue stream. We want to draw them into the Windows family and maybe there’s an upsell opportunity later”.”

Not only has Microsoft done made a mint in selling their operating system but in the process have also done something you would think surely they would have anticipated: software developers have created pieces of software to run on the most popular computer operating system which are free. And in most cases are better than costly counterparts. You can find a free piece of software that does just about everything. Including a free torrenting program which allows for downloading well…anything which would normally cost a user. Including Windows itself. Which is what they’re trying to avoid. Not that I condone that sort of behaviour.

For those who are unaware, if you do not like the idea of paying for Office, Sun Microsystems (who also make Java) made It’s non-profit and it looks and feels like good ol’ Office 2003. So those that believe that the new interface to the Office 2007 range is retarded (yes, you get used it - I know), then is for you. And it is also lightweight with excellent online support. So far I have yet to hear any downside. It also supports MS Office 2007 format AND it does not need/require ads. If you can’t beat them, join them. You could frig around with OEM and bloatware and all sorts of shit MS throw at you OR…you could use this product which seems to be all over better.

Which makes Microsoft attempt at making people buy their software look pretty fuckin shit house.