There are sequels by movies that do not deserve it:
Eg. A Night at the Museum, Sister Act, Big Mommas House, Scary Movie…etc.

There are sequels by movies that DO deserve it but failed (compared to its original film):
Eg. Mad Max, The Matrix…etc.

And sometimes, there is no extension on the original film. They simply redo it:
Eg. Nutty Professor, Psycho…etc.

Rarely the sequels are better than the originals. But the Terminator was different. The first one was good (not great, just good) and second one made everyone in the first four rows in the cinema, premature ejaculate; it indeed was a classic.

Then they released Terminator 3. It was ok, but certainly no T2. RT said it was 70% but I wouldn’t rate it that high. At least this one had Arnold Schwarzenegger. That was part of the charm. No matter how good Christian Bale is and how in depth into his characters he gets, there is simply no substitute. Strangely (and certainly by accident), I can not think of a movie I have seen with Christian Bale in it.

But how long do you think they are going to milk this fucker? I am sure the masses will go and see this film with generally positive reviews. As long as the mainstream forks out cash over fist to see every movie made in the Terminator series, I am predicting Terminator 6: The Bludgeoning. It will involve blunt instruments used as weapons to defeat the Skynet. BUT here is the catch, the Terminator doesn’t actually show up until the end of the film (through time of course as this is the easiest way to explain why he has been absent all this time). Most of the film is Edward Furlong and Linda Hamilton running from the cops Thelma and Louise-style. And it is Arnie and he is dead (by this stage - died from old age). He is hanging by wires weekend-at-bernies-style. And he blows away the entire skynet away (Team America-style) with an action-packed ending when we find out (and here is an additional twist NO ONE saw coming), Terminator clones. 100s of them. The Terminator had babies and spawned just 100s of these fuckers. So that one fucker in T2 (Robert Patrick) has no chance. There will be very little story, lots of action so there will be PLENTY for the critics to hate about this movie.

This will be better than T5: The Virus…ing. The whole film will be Arnie (70 and carrying around a colostomy bag, tied to the back of his motorcycle) riding towards skynet. And getting into skynet by a few formulated ways like dressing like the guards, sneaking past the guards in army uniform or simply blowing them away. And then uploading a virus into Skynet to wipe it all out Independant Day-style only to find at the end of the movie they used an anti-virus which cleaned the virus they uploaded and all that hard work. It will be anti-climax but will leave room for the 6th and final movie in the series.