This clown has a new album. Credibility is clearly not an important aspect of Marilyn’s work because if it were, for starters he would have come up with a better pseudonym. He’s been around since 1989 and in the intial instance, he was scary. Scary in the sense that you watch something with a lot of suspense and then someone comes out and, “ARGH!” and you shit your pants six ways from Sunday. And then you get over it. Much like Manson, really. Each year since his conception, he has become less scary and more weirdo with a tonne of Mummy issues who can’t really get over himself.

His previous album demonstrated how to go from somewhat of a scary freak to giant cry baby and cover it up by his weirdness. The kids still ate it up. Especially in the wake of emo. They dressed like wanna be Goths, anyway so it seemed to have fit a mold. They still reminisce about how good he used to be and pretend his new album is just like his old stuff. The lyrical content was embarrassing and this next album is no different. It was like he was trying to cover up his giant blubbering vagina from his previous album.
It is like a crying boy in the playground who got picked and is crying but he makes one last shout to prove he is still has a pair but clearly that moment has passed no matter what happens from here, there is no saving grace. Even if you throw your arms around in a tantrum and accidentally hit someone because you know the kid you just hit is gunna hit you back and harder.

I don’t even like his music to begin with. And all of this makes things worse.
I will admit it easy to pick on something which couldn’t fight back with rational thinking as all of Manson’s followers not only look like him but believe that they are tormented souls who have been done wrong by the world and just wanna get fucked up. When the reality is bands that have influenced Manson were like that genius part out of Wayne’s World. Where Alice Cooper who is dressed up on stage with a persona is a normal person off stage and people just take things too far.


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