Well, it took some time but I got it all out there.

Now here is MY plans on MY NAS:

Entry level video card (the cheapest available) as my motherboard does not have onboard video.
Sapphire HD2400PRO 512MB 64-BIT DDR2 | $42.00

The cheapest Asus motherboard that supports Intel CPU’s which has 6 SATA ports.
Asus P5QL-PRO ExpGATE S775 P43 DDR2 FSB1600 PCIE GBLAN ATX | $137.50

Cheapest Pentium CPU. It is not THE cheapest CPU. The Celeron’s are still trying to be flogged.
Intel Pentium Dual Core E5200/2.5Ghz/2MB CACHE/800FSB/LGA775 | $99.00

Generic RAM. Cheapest RAM available.
DDR2 2048MB(2G Single stick)PC6400 800Mhz | $33.00

Has 6 internal 3.5” (hard drive) bays. And it is pretty cheap in the scheme of things.
Antec Three Hundred Tower Gaming Case- Black (NO PSU) | $101.50

Entry level Antec power supply.
Antec ATX EarthWatts 430W | $90.00
Total = $503

Samsung are the cheapest and from what I have read, pretty reliable.
Or really only as reliable as hard drives can be these days.
Samsung 1TB SATA II Silencer Series 32M(HD103UI/Y) | $125.00 x 6 = $750

Total = $1253 for 5TBs in RAID5. Not bad.

I will be installing FreeNAS. It is free and it is designed for a NAS…hence FreeNAS.
I will be installing it onto a USB drive I have lying around. It doesn’t matter what size it is since the install only takes up 64MB…or 32MB (depending on which article you read). And even an 8 year old 128MB USB stick can store this OS (although by this stage I am questioning how long it would function). This then leaves my HDDs up to storing as much as they possibly can.

And then if I figure out how the iTunes server works, I might have that hooked up as well. Since I only have windows machine, I have no need to turn on ext3 sharing or AFS.